Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pizza & Movie...

(barbecue sauce/bacon/chicken/green onions/pineapple)

What could be better than this?

Tomorrow is a mandatory furlough day
for most of us at the vet school.
That means I have a 3 day weekend...YAY!


kks said...

everyone gets furlough but me! boo hoo! :)
i heard this was an excellent movie...haven't seen a movie in about 2 yrs! and the za looks great!

jane augenstein said...

Pizza looks yummy! Mike and I watched that movie, he liked it, I didn't. I read a horse book...LOL

Thistlebrooms said...

Pizza looks WONDERFUL....BUT I really don't know 'bout the flick!!!
Let me know about it.

Anonymous said...

Of course the pizza looks delicious! How was the movie?

love, #4

moosecraft said...

OMG! That pizza is making my mouth water!!!! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!