Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goings On...

I took today off.
A friend was going to stop by...
visit with me &
drop off 2 of her collie girls
to stay here for a few days.

Well, as we all know,
plans change.
She's not coming.
So, here I am with a day off and nothing to do.

Yeah, right.

Actually, I had no plans to work on anything specific.
I was planning to finish a long overdue rughooking pattern order.
(And, I did that...YAY for me!)
But, other than dishes and maybe laundry...I had no plans.


I was bored.
Okay, I was not bored.
Just looking for something to do.
Something I didn't have already started.
Or in my head.
Something new.

I looked through my fabric.
I found something to work on.
(big surprise...BIG!)
Except, I made a mistake in measuring...
you know the old adage...
measure twice, cut once? 

huh.  Apparently, I did not do that.

I needed fabric for the backing,
but now I need to get a little more.
Guess I won't be finishing this today. 

Just so ya know, this is much more beautiful in person.
(aren't we all?)

Before I go...I must include this photo.
This is one of the collie girls who was going to stay.
I took this photo last summer, when she was 8 weeks old.
She is now just over one year old...

What an adorable puppy face she had!
Her name is Alyss.
That's all for now!


jane augenstein said...

Beautiful quilt.
Awwww....puppy :-D how cute!!! Look at those ears; I remember our German Shepherd when she was a pup. Her ears would stand up, then flop, first one, then the other then both! Puppyhood is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that sweet face when we went to her house...glad she kept her, what a doll!

Love, Janer

WoolenSails said...

I love those reds and if there is a mistake, I sure don't see it. That pup is so cute.


Anonymous said...

I see you are busy as always!
Very cute pup!

moosecraft said...

Love those puppy ears! Such a fluffy gal! The colors in that littlel quilt are striking! I love it!

JoJo said...

What a beautiful puppy!! It's almost enough to make me want a dog, although the cats would totally revolt if I brought another animal into the house. And what a beautiful quilt. I had to laugh when you corrected yourself with your statement about "a day off with nothing to do." There is no such animal!! We can always find 'something' to do, or something that needs doing.

I haven't been on line in some time. My interests have been elsewhere ---- I bought a horse Wednesday night.