Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Long Weekend...

I am rejoicing the fact that I have 3 days off.  Yeah, I know, I always have days off.  That's the best part of my job...6 weeks vacation time.  woohoo!  Anyway.  My family/friends are going to be busy working on their houses or cleaning out their garages or working on their gardens/yards.  Some are going camping.  Some are just going to hang out and relax....and then there are those who need to work.  

Me?  I'm going to sew!  (are you surprised?)

Here's my list:

*wedding gift for nephew Tony  DONE!
*sew irish chain challenge quilt top, baste, quilt, machine stitch binding - for SmallQuiltTalk (more on this later)   DONE!
*bag for Alyssa
*hem 1 pair of slacks  DONE!
*sandwich/baste larger whirlygig quilt  DONE!
*2 blocks for postage stamp quilt DONE!

Not sure if I'll get all of this sewing done.  I do have other things to do...the usual tasks of some light housecleaning, trimming Tag's nails  DONE!...stuff like list is long.  But, if I get 3/4's of the items checked off my list, I will be one happy girl!!  

Plus, I have a movie (Extraordinary Measures) to watch and (update:  watched the movie...was good...I enjoyed it.) a book (Things Worth Remembering) to read. (update:  read the book...great story!)  Won't be wondering what to do, that's for sure!

What are you doing this weekend?


kks said...

6 weeks vacation??? really? where do you work!?

have a great weekend!!
talk later...

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. If I had my druthers I would be doing what you are getting to do. Instead I will be cooking for 3 days.
My Mother-in-law and my husbands family today. My family for my youngest sons birthday and finally on Monday just us. Since I write a gardening blog, I have to chop weeds in there somewhere, I should have started a sewing blog. :)
I can't wait to see your progress.

WoolenSails said...

That's all? LOL
I am stiff today, so might relax and do some hand finishing. I do need to do Casey's nails too, but i use Bill's small rotary sander, that he lets me do. If I use clippers, we have to hold him down, so easier to sand them;)


Miccosukee said...

You are supposed to relax and chill out over the holidays. But guess that the sewing relaxes you.

Actually started back on a UFO, a rug from Stonehill Spinning with two bunnies and some flowers. Really pretty with some pinks and greens in the background. Reminded me I need to check on the status of the store you and Bren were going to start.

Any progress?