Monday, August 18, 2008

New Look...Again!

Check this out! I found another place to get FREE backgrounds! Oh, this is way too much for me! Click on the "Leelou Blogs" button in my sidebar and take a look!!!

That's all for now...been on the phone since I got home and need to eat supper and read for a bit.


Brenis said...

Ooohhh noooo!!!!
You're doing this on purpose, aren't you!? Did you seeee how many cute polka dotted ones she has?!?!?!? Quit this right now! Or i will never get anything done!! LOLOL

JoJo said...

I like this one, Jacque. But this kind of thing is part of the reason I don't have my own blog.....anything that makes me spend even more time on the computer is a bad thing.....LOL.

Jacque. said...

Geez, you think it takes me hours to do this? In addition to my JOB, which, HELLO! is very hard work (not) I have to come home and potty the dogs! Then, I watch and write down every single little thing that Tag E. Butt does...just in case it's cute/funny/adorable/hilarious/etc. enough to post on my blog! Cripes!
LOL...just kidding. Love ya both, ya know.