Saturday, August 23, 2008

A the End!

I've been slow at finishing this and I'm not sure why,
cuz I didn't hook much in 2007!

This is 'Tag E. Butt'. This free pattern was in RHM
and I was smitten with it...
had to enlarge it and hook it!
I used #8.5 cut wool strips...
it measures ~22 x 29 inches.
One of my favorite rugs to date.

I made this 'Stretch Golden' for Kimmer. I think it measures ~7 x 26 inches.

I moved last year, and did several stitchings for Christmas...

and then made these pillows for my grandkids.

This is a chairpad from Wendy Miller that I made into a pillow for Jasmine.

This is 'Tag', my design...for Conlan.

This snowman is by Kelley Belfast...for Devin.

This Sheep Dreams pillow is Kaylynn's.

That's all!!! Thanks for taking this journey with me.


kks said...

i love my stretch golden! and all the others you've done for me!!

WoolenSails said...

What a fun rug, they all are. One of these days I want to make a rug of my guy, a study in black in white, lol. Isn't it fun to make presents for others.
I am getting ready for the holidays, planning ideas and things to make this year.


JoJo said...

Beautiful rugs, Jacque. All of them. Tag is such a beautiful (handsome) guy and it's nice to see him immortalized in a rug.