Friday, March 7, 2008

Doodling...'s been a bit since I've posted. My computer has been giving me some problems, so it's been difficult to do much of anything. ACTUALLY, my satellite speed internet is what has been giving me problems! Apparently, there is a 'fair usage policy' that restricts one to a specific amount of uploading/downloading and I was well over the limit. So, they restricted my usage and SLOWED my speed down. Holy Schmoly! But, all is back to normal now...whew.

I am so happy that it is almost spring...even though we may have some cold days and more snow, at least I know that it won't be here forever. I tell ya...this winter has not been kind to me. More good news...daylight saving time begins this weekend.

I took this photo just now...about 5:30 p.m....where a month ago it was dark, now the sun is low and about to set. Next week, it'll be even better! I am most definitely a 'daylight' loving person. More energy flows through me when the sun is out, that's for sure!

Lots coming sister Jill is coming for a quick visit tomorrow. She's coming to Madison to hear Steve Earle, and will come by way of Stoughton (quite a bit out of her way) to give me my birthday gift! Looking forward to seeing her!

My Mom's husband, Ray, is having surgery next week...he has stomach I will be spending several days in Eau Claire with Mom. Will get to spend some time with I am looking forward to that. The only thing is the surgery is quite a major one and Ray has multiple problems. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tag is definitely stoned on his phenobarb...poor thing. He's functioning fine...just a bit off & unsteady on his feet at times. He's adjusting, though, so that's good.

I've been working on my New Life Challenge rug and some stitchery. I'll show photos of my finished projects soon.

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you finally posted something! I have been wondering what you were up to!! Talk to yoou soon. My days are even longer than yours, they get longer pretty fast now.
Love, Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacque! Hope you got the photo of my finished New Life challenge rug (sent to your email address)!!!
It was such fun! LOL Debbie on Snippets was cncerned that people would know who we were by the order of pictures posted (if we let folks know we were finished.) I said that I thought you would collect all the photos and show them in no particular order!!! Hope that was right!!!
Hugs to you and we'll keep your family members in our thoughts and prayers!
Hugs to you, Sunnie : )