Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting UNpacked...

WOW...who knew I had soooo much stuff! Holy Schmoly! Kim has been helping me get unpacked...the living room is completely set up the way I want. Here are a few photos...

The office is a mess, but that'll get all sorted out next week. Kim told me to NOT go downstairs...I guess she thinks I'll freak out when I see how much stuff I need to organize for my rug hooking (personal AND business). But, I kinda have an idea...cuz I did pack it all it'll be cool. NOT! I just want to get the living areas all sorted out and stuff on the wall, etc. I am having an OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, so lots to do yet before then. I organized my cd's tonight...LOTS of them. I counted the boxes left to unpack and put away, and (not counting the office or basement), there's only 5. So, that's doable! It's all coming together...YAY!

The dogs are loving it out here. Soooo much more room for all of us. Course, when I sit in my easy chair, they're all laying around it close by me, anyway! Silly pups.

I'll be sharing more photos. Tomorrow, I go back and clean my apartment...ugh.

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