Monday, June 11, 2007

ALL Moved...YAY!!

FINALLY, I am back online! A bit too efficient, AT&T switched my service a week early, so I had no phone and no internet access this entire past week...what a drag that was!

Sunday was moving day and things went smoothly, though one is never quite as ready as one thinks...and now I am here at my place in the country! Ohhhhh, I am loving it! I have a wee bit of experience of being in the country (friends and family)...but I gotta tell you, LIVING out here is going to be the best! AND, today I got my SSI (satellite speed internet) hooked up. Life is great!

Here's how the field of green (gold) looked earlier today. The first crop of hay is all cut and raked into huge rows!

Already tonight, they're baling...HUGE square bales of hay! I'll have to get out there and take a photo tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are happy with your opportunity to move to the country! Nice view! Joyce