Saturday, June 2, 2007


Nooooo, she is NOT named after the allergy medicine (I get that question alllll of the time ). Her breeder is a musician...a violinist, to be exact. Allegro is a music term, meaning 'lively'. In Italian, the 'o' ending is male and the 'a' ending is female...hench, Allegra. She was born with a PDA (check out this link for more info on PDA, which was surgically corrected when she was 3 months old...and then she became mine! Here she is the day before her surgery...

Allegra earned her HIC (herding instinct certification) when she was just one year's a photo. She thought those sheepies were just too much fun!

Allegra is very much a talker...and you best be listening when she has something to say! Here is a beautiful photo of her, taken last year when she was 8 years of age...

She is my joy.

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