Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Day of Rest...

Not for me!

The weekends go by way too fast for me, so I try to get as much done as possible on these 2 days.  Do you do that, too?

I did not intend to leave you all guessing on that photo...thought it was just too fun not to share (see previous post if you missed it).

It is, in fact, a photo of a roll of bias striped binding.  The stripes were printed that way (on the bias) which was great because then I did not need to try to remember how to cut binding on the bias.  ~grin~

The quilt it is for is what I worked on yesterday and a bit of this morning...the red and aqua wonky (some of them, anyway) stars quilt.

I have no good way to show the entire quilt top right now, but I will post a photo of part of it...a sneak peek.  I picked up the wrong Kona solid for the backing, so need to wait on finishing it.

I also realized that I need to change my way of basting quilts!!!  Now that I moved, I no longer have a huge table in the basement to lay out the layers on.  I have been looking around for alternatives and think I found a good one...will tell you more when I have a regular keyboard to type on instead of doing posts from my phone.

I hate to add to my pile of quilt tops...but the creative juices are flowing, so I will probably start (or continue) on another quilty project before I do anything more with this one.

I like to have a pick-up project going, too.   I just finished knitting a scarf and started on a facecloth.  And, last night, I dug through my fabric closet ( fabric and other sewing stuff is all crammed into my walk-in closet) and found fabrics for some stitchery projects. 

I have not forgotten my 'snow days' quilt...just need to get more settled before I have enough concentration to continue with that one.  And, Curio...and orange and aqua...and...Kashmir...and all the rest! finger is tired...must go.  Oh!  Here's the 'rest' part of my day!  ~grin~

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Glad to see a couple new posts here. I am about to dig out some yarn and get knitting on my dishcloths. I like to have a lot on hand when the holiday season comes around. Have a great "rest" of your day! :) Joyce

Pokey said...

I'm glad it was a happy day of sewing for you. I have a friend who also has her stash organized in a walk in closet, and it sure looks great! I think you have a good idea, Jacque ~

WoolenSails said...

I always have a side project going, along with a million others, lol. Need to get organized this week and decide what I will make for the holidays and what I actually have time for;)


moosecraft said...

You're smart to fit in some fun stitching time in between all the moving stuff. It will keep you sane. A walk in closet? That's a great place to store fabric! lol! I'll probably get back to Snow Days the day after Thanksgiving... long weekends are a great time to get going on a complicated project.

Farm Girl said...

very pretty, I did have to laugh that your finger was getting tired.
I am glad you got to do some sewing this weekend.