Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Am Moved....


Still need to get a few things out of the house.

Gotta say...there is not enough room here for my stuff.  I have 9 less pieces of furniture than at the house AND I got rid of a LOT of stuff!

Guess I need to declutter more. 

Still do not have a is coming soon!

I am in severe sewing tomorrow I am going to take a break from unpacking and do some sewing.
Hope you are all having a good holiday weekend!


WoolenSails said...

It is hard moving into a smaller place, never seems to be enough room. I hope you like your new place and it is a nice area.


Farm Girl said...

I hope it is nice and cozy though. When we moved here I had to get rid of so much furniture and it was so hard and I got rid of 8 full trash cans for two months every week I threw that much stuff away. I need to do it again. But for awhile it was nice. How do you like your new place? Are you living by yourself? Are you in town again? When do you get your new computer? Well I am just being nosy but I sure have missed you. I can't wait to get caught up.

moosecraft said...

A day os sewing will rest your mind and perk up your spirits! Enjoy!!!!

Pokey said...

I'm glad you have a place to lay your head again. I hope you do get to sew, Jacque, it usually brings a refreshment to the soul. I hate moving, it is even harder when it wasn't in our plans, but foisted upon us! But, you'll get it homey again, I'm sure ~

Dog Trot Farm said...

A day of sewing will make you feel more at home, more like your old self. Maybe think of this move as as feathering a temporary nest. Blessings, Julie.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got moved and took the day to see!! :)

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say "took the day to sew!" joyce