Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Turtles Are Here!!!

Are you old enough to remember The Turtles?
My fave song of theirs was "Happy Together"...
and here they are singing it.
Gotta love them! 

But, actually, those are not the turtles of which I speak.

Here are the actual turtles that arrived today!
Cuteness plus!

So, yeah...I was commissioned to make a quilt
and turtles were requested.
Is that exciting or what?
Okay, it was my sister, Joyce...
who was an
impulse buyer of 2 quilts...
and commissioned me to make 2 others.
(see them here and here and here)
AND, she's buying the blush quilt I have yet to finish!
(Refresh your memory here.)

Isn't she just the best sister?
I sure think so.

This one is for her grandson...whose birthday is May 3.

Holy Schmoly.

And, then to not have all the fabric arrive...YIKES!
Yeah, you read that right...only 3 of the 5 pieces
I ordered were in the package.
I will have to find the other 2 pieces elsewhere, I guess.

I have a plan, though...
so am ready to rock and roll
once I have all the prints.


WoolenSails said...

That was way before my time, I am too young to remember them, haha.
Love that material. My sister asked me years ago about making a quilt and she can afford one, but I think she would want a really fancy one and I am not that good yet;)


Anonymous said...

The turtles are too cute! Hopefully you get the other two fabrics you need. Can't wait to see the finished product! Love, Joyce