Monday, December 15, 2008

I LOVE getting mail!!

Today was a fun day to come home...mailbox full and two packages sitting by the garage waiting for me!!!

Here's the little prim brown dog from Joanne...this is way too cute! About 6" long...I love those stubby little legs, fat body and goofy head!!! Thank you so very much! He's sewn, stuffed, painted and shined. Adorable!

Debbie sent me a bookmark that she made. Smells yummy, too! As you all know, I read all of the time! The majority of the time, I do not use a bookmark. Why not? Cuz I don't have one!!! I end up using whatever piece of paper is close by. Not anymore...thank you, Debbie!!

I received a package from my sister, Julie. A Christmas package, and 2 birthday packages (like I'm gonna wait for 2 months to open them???...well, I probably will...if I can remember where I put them in 2 months time!)

I also received a package from my good friends, Elaine & Don. I met E online through the collie email list 12 years ago. Ohmy...has it been that long? WOW! They used to live in Minnesota, but moved here (to Pardeeville, which is near Madison, but an hour from me) 9 or 10 years ago. she sent this box with all kinds of WRAPPED gifts! I suppose I have to wait to open them, hey?

Also, I received a package from my godchild/niece, Jody. She lives in New Mexico. ~sigh~I guess I'll add that to my pile that cannot be opened for another 9 days! {grin}

I'll be mailing out my gifts this week. And, once Christmas has come & gone, I will post photos of what I sent out!

Last week, I got cards from Jo & Paula, RAK sisters. (What is RAK? Random Acts of Kindness.)

Lindy, my almost birthday twin sent me a card, too! YAY!

Unfortunately, I am not sending out much this year. I'll try to do better next year, though.

Have a nice evening!


Joanne said...

Jacque -so glad you like him - I thought of you the moment I saw him - I love this women's work (wish i could say I made them!) Enjoy your Christmas! Oh i love how it's snowing on your blog! joanne

WoolenSails said...

Oh, I cannot take credit for making the bookmark, just the hanger part, lol. I asked Annette (Huckleberry Arts) to make something prim with a nice saying. SHe did a great job with it and is offering it as a freebie on her site now.


Anonymous said...

How fun to get lots of mail!
Did you get my newsletter?
Your package should arrive this week.
Love, JOyce

kks said...

you are actually waiting for christmas to open your gifts? goofy girl......

Thistlebrooms said...

Boy, You SURLY Made out there Jacque!!!Glad I'm NOT the only one that can't find where I put things!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you never get rid of those links to the Trans-Siberian orchestra, I love listening to
their music!!!

dexmangoldens said...

I think you are pretty darn fortunate to have friends and family who send you gifts---to be opened on Christmas Day and wait for Birthday!! :) It's snowing on your blog too!! That is just cool! Thanks for the talk today and I have some things I need to go do---work type- then when I get off Catherine and I are taking our dogs downtown to just mosey (sp?) around. The sun is out now. Love, Jua
Manley, Kisa and Kalista say hi too!!