Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Hills Are Alive...

With 'The Sound of Music'! The movie was on tv tonight. Gotta is absolutely timeless. See the trailer here! I never tire of favorite movie of all time...and I adore Julie Andrews!

We have had 38" of snow thus far...more than last year at this time...and still a few more inches possible before the end of the year. We even broke our record of 37" in 1994...I'm so proud! Average snowfall for the season is 50". could go like it did in 2000...30+" of snow in December and then barely anymore for the rest of the season. That would be so much better than last year (100+ inches)! I must say, though, that in the past few days, much of the snow has gone away, due to the higher temps and the rain.

Here's taken by her Mom
...makes me smile!


kks said...

can you believe i have never seen this movie!? i was thinking the same thing about the snow....what if it never snows again....would be a long winter! cute pic of kaylynn

JoJo said...

Jacque, I watched The Sound of Music last night. I love that movie also and love hearing Julie Andrews sing.

Our snow is all gone again. We had ice on Friday night, followed by one inch of snow during the day on Saturday. And after my saying that all was going fairly well, my son decided to drive to Kansas City Saturday night, hit a patch of black ice and totaled his car when he hit the concrete barriers in the median. He wasn't hurt but geesh! How much more can go wrong? Enough already!!

I love the picture of Kaylynn. She has the most beautiful eyes.

ShabbySheep said...

Jacque, Just wanted you to know hubby got me a David Cook CD for Christmas. I really enjoy it!

Brenis said...

What a gorgeous little BUG she is!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, darling picture of Kaylynn.
What did you get for xmas from your goddaughter? I did not get the list of what
you got after you had received packages in the mail.
Hope your snow stops soon.