Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Comes First???

Having one of those weeks. Ya know the much to do, so little time. Chatting with Brenis the other day and I now have some really great ideas for projects and things I want to make. Add those to the other things I want to do...well, I have no clue where to begin. And, I must begin!!! Most of these ideas are for Christmas gift-giving...and that's not so far off!

Do you ever have so much to do that you become overwhelmed and do nothing at all? ohman, that's the worst and it happens with me often. Or, are you the type of person who takes on something entirely unrelated to anything that you already have to do and work on that? (Bren is famous for doing that one...I call it "that thing you do"...hence the name of her blog 'That Thing I Do'.)

It's funny, cuz I just read that Tammy from 'skip to my ewe' is having the same sort of much to do, but where to begin??? Tammy, are you reading this?'s my plan for getting organized...and for getting things checked off my list.

I'm not talking cleaning, laundry, doing the dishes, etc....this is my 'get organized for your crafting' plan...

1. Make a list with all that you need to do, along with the date it needs to be done and/or the order of importance.

2. Make a list of supplies that you will need to buy and put the list in your purse! That way, if you're out and about (or on your way home from work), and you decide to stop at your favorite store (Hobby Lobby), you will have your list with you!

3. Gather the supplies you will need for at least the first few projects you'll be working on (this is the stuff you already have). Starting is always the biggest obstacle to overcome, don't you think??

4.Work on more than one project at a time. I usually have at least 2 things going. That way, if I don't feel like hooking (for instance), I can do some stitchery (or other handwork).

5. Never do one thing at a time when you could be doing two! I don't watch tv much, but when I do, I tend to do nothing else during that time. Or, when I talk on the phone, I just sit and talk on the phone when I could be doing something else, too. I do have speakerphone...and an earplug! Girlie, you are wasting time, there!

6. Set aside a spot of time at a certain time of each day and DO SOMETHING on one of your projects! It's like the Flylady philosophy of taking x amount of minutes and working your hiney off getting things done and not stopping until the time is'll be amazed to see how much actually gets accomplished! whew!!! I love that idea!

My hours for work changed...I now go in an hour later - and stay an hour later, too - but I get up only 1/2 an hour later than I did before...which means I have some extra time every morning before I leave for work! I've found myself hooking for 15 minutes, doing dishes, making the bed instead of just pulling the covers up, and little things like that...and was surprised to see how much I could actually get done in that amount of time!

So, there you have it. My plan of attack for getting all of the projects on my list done.

How do you cope with much to do? What is your plan?


The header photo was taken out my back door at dawn today.


WoolenSails said...

I think we all are doing that now. The season is creeping up fast and so much to do. I am working on punches and quilting and ..........

I do need to make a list of people I am sending to and ideas for gifts. That helps keep me somewhat organized.


kks said...

love the header photo, getting organized girl!

JoJo said...

Oh, Jacque, you've made my heart so joyous with your new picture at the top. How beautiful! Fall is just so stunning with it's colors, although it's been so windy here the past 3 days and it's taken a lot of our leaves down.

I don't stress about getting stuff done any longer. If it get done, it gets done. If not, well, it will still be there tomorrow. If I'm truly desperate, I ask for hubby's help. I also threaten that if I get too far behind, I'm going to break down and hire Merry Maids for several hours of cleaning.

But this week - and I don't know if it's related to the temps taking a dive - my hands are very painful. So hooking is taking a holiday until the pain lessens. But any morning I wake up above ground is going to be a good day.

Brenis said...

LOL nothing like diming me! ha!
Me? When i get like that... i think... maybe I'll make a quilt! or oooohh.. now is a good time to paint my living room! LOL
No, seriously. I DO MAKE myself do what i need to do. But it just seems to take 4 times as long to get it done, like i'm moving at a snails pace, which drives me even more crazy - so instead i CALL YOU!!! bahahaha!!
You'd be proud of me, btw! I got 10 yards of wool washed, cut and tagged last night. A rug steamed, ornies tagged, linen cut and serged, 2 orders drawn out and packaged, and 150 more pieces cut for my quilt, did 4 loads of laundry (yes even folded and put away!) AND made pot roast for dinner! LOL
Granted my house is NOT looking it's best right now though! :(
I love your new header pic! And your idea of keeping a list in your purse!! Smart girl!
xo bren

Tammy Burks said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll be posting my LISTS later today on my blog. I did get the turkey foot sewn up last night and I helped Kenny hang a new liht fixture in the dining we did get a little done last night. I think another part of the problem is that it gets dark so early and I just feel like curling up on the couch and vegging.