Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pet you have any?

I do!

I have a few pet peeves....okay, quit laughing...really, quit laughing! I'll 'fess up...I have a LOT of pet peeves. But, I'll do you all a favor and limit the list to my top 10.

1. I work at the University of WI Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. You would not believe how many people mispronounce the word 'veterinary' (as well as the word veterinarian). There is an 'e' between the 't' and 'r'...which makes it vet-er-i-nar-y, etc. NOT vet-ri-nar-y. It probably is about my #1 pet peeve...I feel that you should really know how to speak the language of the career you're in. Ya know what I'm saying? Which leads me to my second pet peeve.

2. Having a conversation with someone who continually asks, "do you know what I'm saying?" or "do you know what I mean?" after every other sentence. Makes me want to scream, "Gosh, no, I don't..."

3. I drive several miles each day on country roads. What is it about some people...I'll be driving along (always at or above the speed limit) and a car will pull out in front of me...and I'll slow down and patiently drive slower while they are getting up to speed...I'll look behind me and there is NO ONE behind me! Couldn't the person have waited another few seconds and then pulled out...I don't get that at all.

4. People who talk on their cell phones NO MATTER where they are...for instance, at the grocery store! I understand if you call someone because you need to know something about what you're buying, but do you need to have an entire conversation while doing your grocery shopping? Can't you call them back? I don't take my cell phone with me every place I go...who needs to talk with me so urgently that it cannot wait??? What did all of these people do before cell phones?

5. Why do people buy cars without blinkers? I thought cars automatically came with them, but apparently not! Isn't that considered a safety feature? To use your blinker to signal the person behind you that you are going to turn? Thus, avoiding the possibility of a rear-end collision?

6. Ending every sentence with a question mark. "Hi, my name is Jacque?" "I'm going to the store?" "I'll be going to bed soon?" Especially when they drag out that last word and the voice goes up an octave at the very end. LOL...seriously irritates me. Got that?

7. The phone ringing during the last 10 (or less) minutes of my favorite show.

8. Answering the phone with, "Hi, what's up?"...can't I be calling just to I need to have something 'up' to call?

9. using all lowercase letters when typing. because, why? is it difficult to hit the shift key? i type so much that it's an automatic thing for's difficult for me to not hit the shift key.

10. Improper use of apostrophes. For is can be it's. That's the only time...when you are meaning, it is. NOT for when you mean its owner. There is no apostrophe. And, speaking of apostrophes...not every word needs an apostrophe when you make it plural. 'all of our car's are blue'...huh? You know what I'm saying?

I'd like to know what some of your pet peeves to share them with me?


WoolenSails said...

well arnt we picky about people, lol. Everyone knows it is pronounced, veter-narian. I hate listening to people chat on phone when I am shopping too, mine is always off, so guess that is someone elses pet peeve, trying to call when the phone is never on, haha. i just dont get the people who pull in front of you either, its so annoying. Whats up with that?


Brenis said...

haha ruh-roh? guess i better not talk to you's anymore's? cuz im to lazy to hit the s'hift key! and ya, i answer the p'hone with hey!whats up'? with you a'lot! LOL
love ya anyway!

Brenis said...

oh ps.. i think my BIGGEST pet peeve is telling my kids to pick something up off the floor where they left it, them saying "ok" - then not doing it- me asking/telling them to do it a 2nd time... coming around the corner half an hour later to see it still there and me ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth!!
Yup. Drives me INSANE!!

kks said...

no wonder i aggravate you sooo much...know what i'm sayin???!!!!

Jacque. said...

You guys are crackin' me up!!!

JoJo said...

Oh, Jacque, you're cracking me up! I agree with each and every one of your pet peeves. I'll add two more to the list.

I hate talking to my older sister. Every other sentence ends with "you know." You know? NO, I don't know. Explain it to me. That's why I called.

Another peeve. I have a friend who's cell phone only. She turns her phone off --- with her voice mail FULL ---- and then complains because she never hears from me! HELLO??? I'm tryin' to call but can't get through and can't leave a message. What do you want me to do.........send a carrier pigeon??

I like this listing of pet peeves. Too bad we can't change the world, smack people up side the head and teach them some manners!

kelley said...

Oh please...don't get me started...
that pulling out in front of me and driving slow when there is no other flippin' car on the road is one of mine...and so are the folks who tailgate when you go the speed limit but won't pass you when they have a chance...even if you drive 10 mph in a 55 zone...believe me, I've done it on the way home some nights for 6 miles !!!...and people who stand outside the elevator doors so no one can get out of the elevator ...people who don't put their children in car seats or seat belt them in...droopy drawer style of having to see boys underwear...people who have chocolate and don't share...skinny girls who say they forget to eat...and you know what I really hate??? pastel and birght colors...they should be outlawed!

Anonymous said...

Kelly - first of all I must comment on the birght colors!! I am not aware of what kind of colors those are!!!!
Just kidding!

Hey Jacque - What's up????

I agree most of all with the driver pulling out in front of you, pronouncing Des Moines, Iowa as Dez Moy-nes, and people clipping their fingernails and toenails in public and not in the privacy of their own bathrooms'. You know what I mean??? LOLOL
This was fun!!
Joyce in Alaska - oh yeah, Stating that I am from Arkansas when I wrote AK because they do not know the state abbreviations yet!!!!

kks said...

i hate the phrase.."at the end of the day" makes my skin crawl!

Jacque. said...

Thanks, all of you, for all are so dang funny!!!