Monday, September 22, 2008


So happy I am standing on my head!

(does that make sense?)
Doesn't matter, that's not me standing on my head...
that's Allegra's sheepie that Tag took outside.
He set it down just like that...cracked me up!
HAD to snap a photo!!

But, hey...want to know why I am happy???

Dancing With the Stars Season 7 has finally started!
I'm calling it right now...
Lance Bass & Brooke Burke
will be the two finalists.

Mark my words.

If I am wrong, I will stand on my head!

Well, no...I really will not.

Hey...can you tell me who is in this photo?


Anonymous said...

Very funny!
Who is that in the picture?
I think it looks like 60's or 70's haircuts so it must be someone old!! LOL
Neil Diamond???
Just a guess

Anonymous said...

I love Sheepie upside down and envy you all your loving pups. Labs are such nuts!!! We have cats now, but used to have dogs and I miss them soooo much!

Anonymous said...

Robert Plant is in the photo...


Jacque. said...

Yup, that's young Percy with the guitar...1966. I can barely remember that long ago!

Jacque. said...

Nancy...anytime you wish to borrow a dog...come by and get one! Happy to let one go for a vacation! {grin}