Monday, September 8, 2008

The Deal Steal!

I went to Hobby Lobby on the way home from work today. Hobby Lobby is my all-time favorite craft store. Not to be confused with my other favorite store, Gordman's...which is not a craft but everything else store. I needed some thread. Boy, thread is expensive! Is there a thread outlet somewhere? If there is, I need to visit it. Not that I do that much machine sewing, but I do need to have thread for when I do! Anyway. I had to walk around the entire store before I got to the thread. Well, I didn't have to, but how else would I get to see all the fun stuff...the 'on sale' stuff...if I didn't??? I ask you??? If I walked straight to the thread from the front door, I would surely have missed the deal steal!!!

What, you're asking, is the 'deal steal'. Another term often used is 'deal of the century' or 'got it for a song' or something similar to that. I made 'deal steal' up, after considering calling it the 'steal deal'. haha. Thinkin' it sounds better to say 'deal steal', but enough of that.

So. I'm working my way around to the thread, when I see a sign that reads, "60something...maybe 66? % off". I quickly made my way to that aisle and saw a bunch of stuff. Yup, just stuff. Meaningless 'why would you want that' stuff. But, I spied this great piece of something...metal and other materials, but mostly metal. I immediately grabbed it up, thinking that it would be the perfect 'other side of my hearth' piece! It was $34.99...well, that was the original was marked down to $7.00. WOW, you say! But wait, it gets better! After I found and selected my thread (yup, just one spool...for $3.99...good thing Hobby Lobby is on my way home, hey?), I found the 90% off aisle. Just by chance...actually, I had been looking for it and finally found it. And...there was another of these pieces!!! Holy Schmoly! Could I be that lucky? Well, it turns out I was even luckier than I thought, because when I looked at the second one, the one that was originally priced at $34.99 and was in the 90% off was marked...can you figure it out? YUP...$3.50! WOW! I considered buying both of them. After all, $69.98 worth of merchandise for $10.50 is still quite the deal. But, you know, my practical voice told me that I really only needed one...cuz I have something already on the other 'other side of the hearth'. I carefully looked over the $3.50 piece and there was nothing wrong with it, so that's the one that came home with me. I was quite excited!

Here it is...
What do you think???

I'm one of those who doesn't buy something until it's absolutely essential, so then I don't usually get whatever it is on sale. Therefore, finding this 'deal steal' is especially exciting!

I'm thinking I might become famous for coining the phrase 'deal steal'...what do you think?


WoolenSails said...

Very nice find, looks like an antique piece and fits beautifully with your mantle. I love when I find the bargains, you never know what will be hiding in the aisles. My favorite way to shop.


ShabbySheep said...

Jacque, Good job with the deal steal! That's the only way I buy stuff. I'm known for never paying full price for anything if I don't have to.

Anonymous said...

What a deal!!! And for a steal!!!!


I love it!!!! Joyce

kks said...

too it!

JoJo said...

Love your 'deal steal.' Don't you just love it when you come across something just meant to go home with you? For me, the most dangerous store is Lowe's. I don't do any home repair or renovation any more but boy, I just can't resist a hardware store. Seems I never get out of there for less than $100. But you found a wonderful piece to set off your fireplace! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Good job Jacque! You are catching on to my methods of shopping!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good job, Jacque!!! I need to shop with you!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Awesome steal!!