Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today is all about Mothers...

Today is the day set aside to honor Mothers! Did you 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the first national Mother's Day as a day for American citizens to show the flag in honor of those mothers whose sons had died in war.

And, honor her, we do...Mother's Day is now considered to be one of the most commercially successful occasions in the US. In fact, according to IBISWorld, a publisher of business research, Americans will spend approximately $2.6 billion on flowers, $1.53 billion on pampering gifts — like spa treatments — and another $68 million on greeting cards. Mother's Day will generate about 7.8% of the US jewelry industry's annual revenue in 2008. Americans are expected to spend close to $3.51 billion in 2008 on dining out for Mother's Day, with brunch and dinner being the most popular dining out options. (Wikipedia)
Celebrating Mother's Day...

The ultimate mother and child...
This oil portrait is entitled, "Kissing the Face of God" is what the Christian artist, Morgan Weistling has to say about it..."This painting was first inspired by a song that I heard one day. Sometimes, hearing one phrase is all it takes, and then a flood of inspiration follows. The phrase "kissing the face of God" immediately struck me with this powerful image of Mary and the Baby Jesus. It is an image that we have seen depicted many times, but never simply as a mother and her child with real tenderness. I started to contemplate the awesome privilege that Mary was given, being able to hold God in her arms, but also keeping in mind that He was still her baby. This cute little child whom she bore was also God in the flesh. And yet, she cuddled and kissed Him, just as all mothers do with their babies. This thought propelled me right into this painting which I wanted to be a very human representation of divinity. My prayer is that the viewer will be struck, as I am, with the amazing way that God chose to send His Son into this world — in pure humility."

The song he speaks of is "Mary, Did You Know?". Here it is, by Mark Lowry...

A side of Mark Lowry you may not be aware of...comedian...with "Mamma Had Enough!"!

This song is for my Mom...she'll know what this is about.



Anonymous said...

Cool tribute to Mother's Day...and Happy Mom's day to you too (again)...I have no clue the meaning to "Cool Water" between you and your Mom.
I guess Buffy's song to me would probly be "Three Blind Mice"...he should be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I read what Janer wrote!!
I know the Cool Water meaning! Just a silly old story.

I LOVE "kissing the face of God" picture. Oh, it makes me want one so bad!!

Hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

is today all about moms too???? cooolll !!! :)

maureenm said...

Mark Lowry is a talented guy - he really nails that song! Thanks for the fun blog browse, on a lazy day. Must get back to hooking... rugs, that is.
cheers, Maureen