Friday, May 16, 2008

City vs. Country...& WorkForce Salute!

Living in the country is an entirely different experience than living in the city!

In the city, the inhabitants of the huge
neighborhood of apartment complexes
where I lived had many outdoor parties...
and it was sometimes very noisy...

and could be very scarey...
almost as though we lived in the Wild West at times!

Here - in the country - it is peaceful and quiet...
and the scenery is much more awesome!!!


I signed up for the 'workforce salute' on
wiba fm (classic rock) radio station.

Every Wednesday, a name is drawn and
that person has won a catered lunch from

for the people in his/her office!

Guess what????

They drew MY name this week!!!

My coworkers were extremely pleased to be given a free lunch...
(they were soooo nice to me that day!)
sandwiches, pickles and chips from Panera Bread!!!

The food was absolutely YUMMY!!!


Anonymous said...

Jacque, congratulations on winning your prize. I'll bet your co-workers were very pleased that they got to benefit from your good luck.

But I'm crazy about your pictures of the "country" life. It does indeed look very peaceful and restful........this said as I'm back to resting in bed, watching an open house crowd at the neighbor's home that's for sale! So I do envy you the pastures, barn, fields and just all round quiet of the country.

Anonymous said...

HI there, great pictures of the country scenery. How cool to win the lunch with your coworkers! Joyce

jane augenstein said...

You go Jacque!!! I LOVE going to that neat place to eat, food is wonderful!
Love the picture of the horses and the country side around your home. Living in the country is different for sure; peaceful and quiet. I love it here on our farm, babbling brook in front of the house, my dogs, Gilly and Pokey in the back yard so to speak. Life is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice new picture! Joyce