Monday, October 24, 2011

Modern Workshop Giveaway Winner!

And, we have a winner!

Heartsdesire (no blog) won the charm pack!
She wrote that she would offer a 
workshop on "how to clean up and
organize your sewing space
and keep it that way!"
Certainly something we all could use, hey? 

Please email to me your mailing address.


Courtney said...

Congrats! I admire anyone who can clean and organize the craft space! Well done!

Farm Girl said...

Well congrats to your winner. That is really a good class and I think I need it too.

jane augenstein said...

Congratulations to the sewing room was clean....once! LOL

Jacqueline said...

Congrat's to Heartsdesire. Now explain to me what a clean sewing room looks like. LOL