Sunday, April 15, 2012


Not direction like north, east, west or south, but
direction meaning line of planned action.

Here's what I mean...
sometimes I have an idea 
firmly fixed in my head.
But, then it's time to begin and
that's when I begin to rethink...
and go in a different direction.
Here's an example...
I've been picturing this small quilt with
the fabrics I showed yesterday.
(shown again right here for your convenience)
I was excited to begin working on it.
But, when it came time to start cutting
into the fabric, I changed direction
and decided to use different fabrics.
I'm using the Whitewash fabric collection
(received from Sharon...thank you!!).

I am very happy with how they are turning out.
These blocks measure 5.5 inches...
aren't they cute?

Another example.
I started following Cheri's quiltalong
for the apple brown betty small quilt,
 but this is what I came up with, instead.
I am very pleased with how it turned out,
in spite of the fact that I changed direction
and went my own way.

Do you do that?
Is it a good thing?
Or not?

I like to think it's my creativity.

Well, really...what else could it be?

I know some of you are wondering,
so here are the details on the small quilt...
I used Luna Notte fabrics
and Kona solid in Bone.
It measures about 11.5 x 20.5 inches.
I quilted in the ditch in the center portion,
then quilted with rows of straight stitching
around the outside border.

Here's a view of the back
where you can see the quilting.

Today's agenda:
Watching this movie
while eating pizza.

Sewing more churn dash blocks.
Finishing my hand-pieced quilt top. 


A little story about Tag E. Butt.

He doesn't let much of anything
stop him from getting
what he wants.
Oh, don't get me wrong...
he is very obedient...
when I decide that he needs to be.

Some say he is spoiled.

I say he is special.  

Anyway.  The story.
Tag does not let a little thing like a 
plastic container sitting smack dab
in the middle of my big easy chair
deter him from laying there.
He is a smart dog and knows 
that this is, of course, 
the most comfortable place to lay.

And, he knows that he can make this work.
So, he got up behind the container,
pushed the towel out of his way
to make his bed and laid down.

By the way,
the towel is there because there is a
hole in the fabric of the seat cushion
and I have yet to mend it.
Putting the towel over it prevents further tearing.
In theory.

When the brown boy moves the towel
and situates himself,
he is also bothering with the tear.

But, gosh...doesn't he look comfy?

Just so you know,
as soon as I walk away from this computer, 
I will make him move out of my chair.  
My wish to sit there overrides his cuteness.

Hope you're having a good day!
It's back to work tomorrow.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11


Joanne said...

Love your new quilts! Now about Tag - you mean you don't just sit in front of him and use him as a back support? That's what I do with the kitties when they take my seat!

woollylottrugs said...

Hi Jacque! Love your new header. Your quilts are beautiful! That little Tag!! Oni does the same thing but when I have folder laundry on the sofa waiting to go upstairs, he will pull it all down on the floor with his teeth and then jump up and lay down! I get so mad at him when he does that but he looks so cute. I watched him one day do this and he is no dummy. He pulled each garment one by one onto the floor and then jumped up, looked over at me and laid down as big as he pleased. It's hard to yell at them, they're so darn cute!!! So..... just had to refold everything and took it up right away to put away. Yes my Oni lets me live here!!


moosecraft said...

Creative Genius! That's what! Those blocks look beautiful with the Whitewash! And I love that Luna Notte runner! Tag is a good boy... and he knows his comfort! Have a relaxing Sunday! And now, since you said PIZZA I want some too!!! lol!

WoolenSails said...

Your changes made the quilts, beautiful pieces, love the runner. I need to make some for my tables, doing some new things that I can decorate with.


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

well you know me, and the answer to the changing direction question :) I love the fabric choices you made for the blocks. boy are they ever cute. that quilt is going on my to do list!

kks said...

the quilts are lovely....and Tag does know how to get comfy!!
don't miss coming in at 6a and working 12 hrs!!
talk soon...have been consumed with Spike issues...all is well....

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt...and your new header with the cute!
Yes, Tag is "special"...what a goofball.
Missed talking to you this past weekend...maybe soon.
Let me know how the George Clooney movie was.

Anonymous said...

Jacque, this quilt takes my breath away. So very beautiful and I'm glad you decided to change direction and go your own way. As for Tag, you know I love Labs and Tag is one in a million. He reminds me of my cats, who never let anything get in the way of doing what they desire.

I love the little lamb on your header. I want to reach out and give that baby baa-baa a hug.


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your directional changes. I liked the movie, did you?