Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I didn't have a very good start to my day.
It rained and then snowed.
The roads were awful.
It took twice as long to
get to work as it normally does.
As in, 90 minutes instead of 45.

I do not like winter.

Coming home, however...
much better.
The road crews must have
worked really hard.
The roads were all great.
Until I got to the last part.
But, that's okay.
The sun was shining.
And, tomorrow is another day.

Remember the sock story?
(click here & here if you don't
know what I'm talking about)
Well.  Seems there is another person
intent on getting me into trouble.

Yup, that's right...of 'snow days' fame.
It is her fault that I am doing
that quilt, you know.
She, of course, will say that it is my fault.
That, without me, she wouldn't be doing it.
Don't believe her.
Not for one second.

She told me she would send
yarn and a pattern.
Ya know, for me to knit
a pair of socks.
Oh, okay.
Thank you!

Next thing she told me was that she
had mailed a package...of stuff.
I had absolutely no clue what 'stuff'
she was talking about.

Until today.
The package arrived.
There are simply no words.

Okay...keep reading...I found words.
But, first, let me just say that with
each piece of 'stuff' that I pulled out,
my 'gasp!' got bigger and bigger.
I about swallowed my tongue!!


You might, too!

Here goes...

The sock pattern and yarn.
Please note the 'heart & sole'
on the label...cracked me up.

A journal...I would like to 
use it to keep track of my quilts..

A ruler that I could certainly use!
And, the neatest little gadget!
I thought it was a needle threader.
It's to pull your floss through the
back of stitches when you're doing
stitchery/embroidery...how fun is that!
In the instructions, it reads, 
"great for finishing that one last stitch
when the floss is too short."
I needed this!

Thread!  Now, this is really getting exciting!
Thimbleberries thread for machine quilting.
Six yummy colors!
Two spools of Alex Anderson thread
for hand-piecing & hand-quilting.
One spool of variegated thread for
machine quilting.  

Micron tracing pen.
One can always use this!

Perfect for my skin in the winter.

This is the absolute icing on the cake...
this fat quarter bundle of 
Whitewash fabric by
Crabapple Hill Studio.
This fabric came out in the time since
Sharon and I started working on our
'snow days' quilts and
we were drooling in anticipation!
I love this! 

Here it is...all together.
Can you believe all this 'stuff'???


Did you gasp?

I wrote Sharon a long email 
expressing my pleasure & gratitude.
But, one more time...
thank you so very much, Sharon!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."Jeremiah 29:11


Farm Girl said...

gasp!!! Just like another person I know who sends boxes to some people I know. ***Wink***
Hey, I posted picture on my blog of the quilt I want to do, I didn't know how to do it in a email.
I am glad you are home now. Stay warm.

moosecraft said...

Well.. it really IS your fault (that I'm stitching Snow Days) lol! Loving every stitch of it too! Enjoy your goodies! I know you will put them to good use! Stay safe on the roads... I hope winter stays as quiet as it has been... :-)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

What a wonderful box of goodies. She's a dear! I love that fabric! And now you have more socks to knit!

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

What a sweet surprise! Sharon was so generous!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet gift!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is a lot of 'stuff' she sent you!!! Lucky girl!!