Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Handmade Gifts...

This could go on for a bit, yet...
A few gifts I made have yet to be given.
I'll post photos of them as they are received.

 I showed the coco express quilt at our 
Thanksgiving celebration and Jill fell in love with it!
I didn't give it to her, though.
I did, however, make these two pillow covers.
Quilted.  Decorative.  18".
One for her birthday and one for her Christmas gift.

For my sister, Joyce, I used scraps
of her black & white quilt to make these.
Also quilted.
The first two are 14" and the third is 18".

My sister, Julie, received these today.
Four 15" cloth napkins.
The colors are much prettier than shown.
Perhaps she'll take a photo I can snag from her.
(she didn't want pillows)

I guess that's it.
Thus far.
About 5 things left to show.
Yeah, I know, I am a slowpoke.

But, hey!
I am all excited...
and so looking forward to the new year!
I have many projects in mind that 
I am really looking forward to working on. 
One goal I am setting for myself this next year...
increase the level of difficulty in what I do with my quilts.  

AND, I have a lot of organizing and
rearranging to do in the very near future.    

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Gail said...

I tried to pick a favorite, but I love them all!

Farm Girl said...

Wow I went to what you finished in 2010 that is really an accomplishment. Did it surprise you to see all that you did? I am looking forward to seeing what you challenge yourself with. Your work so pretty too. We are getting anther storm tonight, I am going to put out a sign in the front yard, Noah stop here. :)

WoolenSails said...

Nice pieces and I like the pillow cases. I use pillows when I sit, so I need to make some that look nice for my chair.


Kim said...

There are all beautiful but I always seem to be drawn to the black and whites.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
MY!!! You have been busy.
Happy New Year!
Hugs :)

Joanne said...

Love those pillow cases! Wonderful! Great idea too! Those black and white brought a flashback of Christmas - my niece who is so far from "quilts" or anything old still gets something made everyyear from my Mom who doesn't quite grasp the concept that not everyone likes this stuff - anyway - My Mom made her two potholders in black and white and used a lot of that same fabric! Then she asked her if she would like a quilt like that! My niece tried to be polite! LOL

moosecraft said...

Mmmmmm... cocoa express!!! lol! If you mention chocolate.... I really don't hear anything after that! lol!

Thistlebrooms said...

Lovin' those quilted pillows Jacque...

Good Luck next year with your Goals raised and your organizing future...(I should TRY that as a New Years Resolution!!!)

My Best

Anonymous said...

Nice!! I'll try to remember to take pictures before I wash them! jua