Saturday, October 11, 2008

The PERFECT Fall Day...

I spent some time with my granddaughter, Kaylynn, today.
We shopped at the strip mall in Elkhorn...
the Hallmark store and the Dollar Store,
where everything is actually $1.05.
Why not call it the Dollar Five Store???

We ate at McDonald's...

Kaylynn and I walked a lot...part of the time I pushed her in her stroller
and part of the time, she pushed me in her stroller.
oh. No, that's not right. But, funny, hey??? She talks very softly, so I almost always need to ask her to repeat...
which she does very willingly.

I know she speaks louder, because when I got there,
she came running out the front door shouting, "Hi Grandma!!"

My heart swelled...

I showed her what her shadow was and explained how it worked...
I think she thought that was very cool. She tried stepping on it.

We talked about all the grasshoppers and crickets
that were jumping around on the sidewalk.

(please don't tell me you expected to see a photo of them???? YUCK!!!)

We talked about her coming to my house and staying overnight.
I hope that happens next month.
Bye, Kaylynn! I love you!


Just for you, JoJo...

the same farm...slightly different view (of the header photo)


kks said...

beautiful pics! what a day!

JoJo said...

Jacque, what fantastic pictures. Not only is the farm picture giving me a "hankering" to go out for a drive in the country, but your granddaughter is so darn cute. Kaylynn's eyelashes are to die for and I wish she'd share with me. Mine don't ever look that good, even coated with mascara

I had my hook-in today and it was wonderful. Lots of good friends, a bit of hooking and a great (and fattening) lunch. And perfect fall weather. Ummm, I wish all days could be like this.

Kaylynn looks like she had fun on your walk. I remember a long, long, very long time ago trying to step on my shadow. That's a very happy, smiling memory for me.

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day. I miss those days when I took my kids for walks and we explored the world through a child's eyes, nothing can compare to that.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what great pics and she is so adorable as always!! I remember talking about those things on my walks with Alyssa. Isn't it fun? So glad you get to experience these memorable things with her. Makes me miss my girls though but I am so happy for you!!! :)
Love you, Joyce

Jacque. said...

JoJo...thanks! What hook-in? Sounds like fun! The drive to see Kaylynn is about 45 minutes and what a gorgeous drive it is! Did you go for your drive in the country?

Joyce...did I tell you...I am thinking of having all the grandkids here about once a month for an overnight. Should be fun! Gram Kelley and you are my inspirations!

jane augenstein said...

Oh, Jacque!!! What a beautiful little girl Kaylynn is. Like JoJo said too, wow, what eyelashes!!!!
A real cutie-pie, what a fun day you had.

Brenis said...

Oh Jacque, Kaylynn is just GORGEOUS!!!! Oh my those eyes of hers!! She looks like an angel, but i bet she's a little imp too! What a sweetheart! So glad you got to spend a great day with her!! :D Grammas are THE BEST, and every little girl's hero!!

JoJo said...

Jacque, once a month (usually on the first Saturday), my rug hooking teacher and friend, Judy Cripps, opens her home for a hook-in. She provides coffee and cinnamon rolls and we take turns bringing a buffet lunch. Judy has lots of wool and even more rugs for us to drool over. Betty Dekat just did a huge post about the hookin at

Her blog will show you what we were doing Saturday. Such a great time, good food, lots of conversation and we even manage to get a little hooking done.

Unknown said...

Wonderful pics of your grand-daughter Jacque, she is a treasure:)

Anonymous said...

Jacque, thank you so much for the compliment. I am not sure that anyone in this world has ever told me that I was an inspiration to them! So thank you for that.
Our gramma was THE BEST gramma in the whole world and I strive to be half the gramma she was. We were the lucky ones to have her. I hope our grandkids think the same of us!!!!
Love you bunches, JOyce