Monday, December 10, 2007

TODAY is the DAY...

... I sure wish I was in London! I am definitely there in spirit, oh man...the concert has begun! London is 6 hours ahead of my time zone, which means they are clearing the stage for the 'boys' as I type this. There is a song-by-song blog on NME if you'd like to check it out. The website is jamming, cuz so many of us are accessing it. Try this link NME. OR, better yet...go to Steve Sauer's blog...lemon squeezings. I know I will be glued to this computer much of today. Here are a few photos from yesterday's rehearsal, which I read was absolutely AMAZING!!!! LED ZEP ROCKS!!!

photos by Ross on his name to see many more...they're awesome!

More later!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh and we are missing this!!!!! JOyce