Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tag E. Butt is a funny boy. He's 5 years old and brings a smile to my face always! Sometimes I call him 'naughty boy Tag', but he's not really that naughty. It's just that he's so dang smart that he gets himself into trouble from time to time. But, you know, I can almost see him thinking his way out of the spots he gets into.

Tag and I went over to Auntie Kim's today for a playdate. Kim has 4 dogs. Tahoe is her youngest Golden Retriever...she and Tag get along very well! Here they are sharing the fish toy. Oh, don't worry, Tag persisted and got it away from Tahoe. Or, did she let him have it?

Tag loves water (of course). When he sees water, he just needs to SPLASH in it! What better way to cool your belly on a warm spring day? What a funny boy he is. Actually, he's done this since a baby...only, back then, his entire body fit in the water bowl.

He is my laughter.

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Anonymous said...

Tag is soooo handsome!