Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rug Hooking Tools...

Kelley asked how many hooks I have for my rug hooking. Here's what I have...7 hooks and a proddy tool. BUT, the only hook I use is my Nancy Miller hook with the coco bolo handle...that's the one with the dark brown handle in the lower right corner. OH! I have another hook somewhere...it's also a Nancy Miller, but the stainless steel one with the plastic gripper. huh...wonder where that is? Apparently, since I got the coco bolo handled one, I don't use the other one! I LOVE my Miller hook.

You'll notice there's a Richie hook in my collection (3rd from left). The Richie hook is sold...thank you for your response! If anyone feels the need to have this hook (it's great for pulling fat strips through your backing), make me an offer and it could be on its way to you! Actually, if you've just gotta have any of these hooks, just let me know. Except for my Miller hook...that one is not leaving this house. Under any circumstances. Not even if you make me an offer I cannot refuse!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did you know...St. Patrick's Day is celebrated much more here in the
United States than it is in Ireland?
Even some of the traditions followed were first done here!
Go HERE to check out facts on this holiday.

I'm 1/8 Irish.
My Grandpa Kelley was 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Scottish.
(when I was a young girl, I always said 'scotch'. ha!)

How Irish are you?


Anonymous said...

I am the same as you!!!!! Fancy that!!!

Love, your big sister Joyce

WoolenSails said...

I tried different hooks, but like my plain simple one. I do not like metal ends, for some reason the metal bothers my arthritis? Mine is nice because I can pencil hold it or palm, but I am more a pencil holder.


Brenis said...

Heyy wait! LOL I thought you said you were going to send me that pencil ritchie!? Cuz i like my strips big-n-fat! :D

Jacque. said...

What hook do you use, Debbie??

kks said...

even though i'm not a hooker, they sure make beautiful instruments!
see you later this afternoon!