Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I See!

No, really...I can see!
I picked up my new glasses today!
I am amazed at the difference 8 years makes...LOL.
But, hey...the important thing is
that I am able to see what I need to see!
Already, I have noticed a huge difference.
The tiny printing in my NIV Bible...I can see it!
The contact list on my cell phone...I can see it!
It's kinda like going to high definition.
I could see, but now I can...well, you know...SEE!

ohyeah...and see the green bows?

I love HAD to get this pair!


kks said...

lookin good girl!
love the glasses...i bet it is nice to seeeeee!

jane augenstein said...

NICE glasses! Isn't it fun to get new stuff??? and the plus is YOU CAN SEE!!! LOL

WoolenSails said...

I really need to get to an eye doc myself. I am nearsighted, so I can see, but like you said, you can really see when you have your glasses;)


Anonymous said...

Glad you can see even better now. They look nice on you. Julie

Joanne said...

8 years! Wow the world must look a WHOLE lot different now! So glad you can see again!

Jody said...

I just went to the eye doctor and he said my eyes are good and only would need slight vision correction glasses, but it's not enough to get a pair of glasses yet!!! I had to get eye drops for my eye allergy here. They are always red and itchy!! Yuck!! But, look very intelligent!! 8 years is a long time for a different prescription!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice glasses. Now it is my turn to go get my eye exam done (I just remembered I have insurance for that) and then a new script probably. Joyce