Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Up To My Eyeballs In Wool!

Been working on my mess. Getting there. Almost all sewing/craft things sorted through. Once that's done, the bins of wool need to be sorted. I will never, in all my days, use up the wool I have. Perhaps I'll put some of it up and see if any of you want it. One of these days. I also have bunches of books that should go. That I do. not. need!

I have visions of quilt designs dancing in my head. YIKES! What was I in to this desire to learn quilting??? Doesn't that mean that I soon will be up to my eyeballs in cotton??? Oh. My. I just don't know what to say about that. Course, there's always the 'buy only what you need for a specific project' plan of attack. Well, yeah...but there are always leftovers, so what happens to them? I tell you...a STASH will build up!

I have been looking at many blogs of quilting women...and have been reading and to apply it all. I did figure one thing out about myself, though. I love the look of the old quilt patterns...split rail, around the world, drunkard's path, etc., etc....but what is pulling at me are the ones that aren't like that. Quilt patterns (like those I'm designing in my head) that are different. I cannot really explain it, so I guess you'll just have to surmise what you will and wait to see what I come up with. Not that my quilts will be the best and the most unique that ever came along, but they will be so 'me'.

Today has been a great day...been getting other things done. Temperature was 60...and the sun was shining! I even went to Walmart! AND, I got 3 packages mailed out JoJo, Debbie and me Mum. On Monday, 2 more packages will Sharon & Brenis. Whew. Only 2 more to get ready and then I'll be completely caught up!

Joyce - my sister from Alaska - will be in WI next Friday! I won't see her until the 31st, though. We'll meet up at Jill's (baby sister in Wausau) and spend part of a day together. Wish it could be more, but that's just the way things work out. Only 10 more days...YAY!

Okay, must get back at the mess.


Anonymous said...

lol I love the photo and your 'up to your eyeballs in wool' statement!!!
I can't believe I will be there in 10 days.
It will be fun!!!
See you soon! Joyce

Anonymous said...

You are too funny. NO MORE WOOL OR COTTON UNTIL YOUR MESS IS CLEANED UP!! Can't wait to see what quilts that head of yours has created. Have a great weekend. Julie

WoolenSails said...

Well, if you need to unload, I can never have enough, lol.
A package? Ooh, going to be a good week for me this week, finally get some delayed ones too. Been a rough winter, so always fun to have things to open;)

Someday, I may clean my wool mess, but for now, I am braiding and using up all the junk wools. My way of whittling it down, then I will organize;)


Joanne said...

Loved your photo- must be cleaning day - been in my rug hooking room - trying to organize and get things in their place - Too much wool - on days like today i feel like that but then why oh why do i want to buy more! Oh Dear- you will be getting another piece of wool this week due to the Winter Blues Swap! Hope it doesn't cause an avalanche!

TamboinMO said...

I think the moon must have been in "clean up and organize" orbit. I spent part of my day cleaning up my wool room and packing away winter sweaters....I'm ready for warmer weather and new projects!
Good luck with the quilting!