Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol!

Have you been watching American Idol? Who do you like?

I like, no...I love Danny Gokey. For 3 reasons.

#1. He is from Wisconsin.
#2. He is a Christian.
#3. He is a great singer!

My other faves this season are Matt Giraud - definitely a Justin Timberlake look to him - and Kris Allen (what a cutie), and Adam Lambert. Oh, I know what you're going to say. Adam is strange. He wears black nail polish. He did weird things to Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' song. But, know what? Close your eyes...and open your mind. Hear his vocals. Oh. My. Who else could have hit those notes last night? No one. No. One.

If you missed it, here he is...

Makes me think of 'Phantom of the Opera', ya know?

And, here is Danny singing 'Jesus, Take the Wheel'...(sorry, no video due to copyright infringement sited on YouTube).


Anonymous said...

I like Adam, but I knew you would like Danny cuz he was from Wisconsin and a Christian!!
I may be able to watch this tonight too.

kks said...

gotta say i like adam....very different, and a rocker....all of the contestants are quite good!

Jody said...

I like Kris and I LOVE Matt!!! So much he reminds me of J.T. (Justin Timberlake!!)

Love ya!! Jody

Thistlebrooms said...

Hey Jacque...
Thanks for stoppin' by...Ya know, I'm probably one of the ONLY people in the states that DOESN'T watch 'American Idol'...Oh well, that's just me...I do know what goes on though my youngest daughter!!!
Best for a Wonderful Spring to ya...

P.S. Just LOVE your Header

Anonymous said...

I like Matt, Danny and Adam. Adams's version of Ring of Fire was FANTASTIC!! Randy Jackson mentioned who did the arrangement, but I can not remember. Julie