Monday, March 9, 2009

Quilting Fabric & FINALLY...DWTS!!!

ohman...ya shoulda seen me. Talk about doing something I should never do alone! I struggle with color...did you know that? Ya know, like when I'm hooking a rug. And, now, it will be when choosing fabrics for quilting. HELP! I cannot go with my gut instinct...cuz I have none. Well, I have a gut...hahaha...but I guess I'm not good at trusting my instincts. Too worried that it'll be 'wrong' or something, I guess.

It's a whole different world...the quilting world is...than when I sewed so many outfits and other stuff. When you're sewing a dress, you find a fabric that you like...and maybe ONE other piece to go with it...but that's it! Or, at least, that's all it used to be back when I sewed for myself and the boys. (I'll have to get photos out sometime and show you some of what I've done.) But, when you quilt...holy schmoly...there are a bazillion colors and prints and fabric you can add in...and's all too much to think about. ~grin~

So, I was at the fabric store...for 90 minutes, mind you! Here's what I ended up with.

These 10 orange fat quarters are for a secret project...and there will be other fabric involved.

This, for ME!!! I decided to make a quilt for me. Something that I can do from beginning to end and not have to worry about mistakes. No pressure of anything like what is involved when making quilts for others...ya know? I decided to go for complements and then threw a few others in just for good measure. The poison green across the top is a piece from Jane...I showed you what she sent in a previous post. It is perfect, don't you think??? The brown is for sashing and borders and will be pieced with the green for the backing. It's a nine-patch, done differently than anything I've seen and just the cutest thing! Easy, too! What more could I ask for? And, there will be at least one special addition that will make it very special. More on that some other time...well, when I share the links with you, I'll tell you the rest of it. I am chomping at the bit to get started, but I have my mess to finish cleaning up. This will keep me moving on that, though, cuz I really, really want to start on this!

The colors are actually much richer looking than they look here...especially the blue, green and purple.
OH! I got my walking foot and darning foot on Saturday, as I was hoping. Have been playing and practicing. It is sooo much fun! I really would like to do my own quilting (by machine...have no interest in hand-quilting) on the baby & lap quilts...maybe even on twin size...we shall see.


DWTS starts tonight...

and you know what that means!

Papa Murphy's PIZZA!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I managed to get my computer home and hooked up okay with Mercatie's help. Now I can't seem to install one of my two printers. Will send pics of my blankets now. Joyce

Anonymous said...

Bye the way, I loved all the colors and the fabrics you picked out. I forgot to mention that before I hit send!!! Joyce

WoolenSails said...

Looks like you are becoming addicted to sewing.
It is fun though and there are so many fabric colors and patterns, you never get bored. Can't wait to see what you do with that orange;)


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love the orange combo ~ my favorite color!!

Karmen said...

How much fun is shopping for quilting fabric? Watch out for addition! Wasn't Holly cute on DWTS? And don't you love Melissa's courage?