Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol!

Another night of awesome performances!
Gotta tell you, I love most of the boys!
Kris...what a sweetheart.
Matt...really soulful.
Danny and Adam grabbed the night, though.
Adam reminded me of Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) tonight...
& looked a bit like Kurt Russell with his hair slicked back.
Danny had a fun time with his song...
and he even had it choreographed!
He's so good...I'm thinking I
need to go to his church sometime when he's there.
Who is your fave?


jane augenstein said...

Hi Jacque, I haven't watched Idol for several years, Mike isn't interested so he wants to watch something else. That's fine I am on the computer, LOL. I will have to ask Kim, neighbor, how things are going. She watches it all the way through every year.

Anonymous said...

So far my favorites are Adam and Amanda...I do like the others, like Danny and the one that is so cute and plays guitar, can't think of his name.
I like the way Adam arranges his songs, reminds me of David Cook, but quite a bit wilder.
And, yes, I thought he looked like Kurt Russell too...the radio here this morning compared his look to a young Elvis, but I thought more like Kurt...either one is nothing to sniff at!

Anonymous said...

oops, meant Allison, not Amanda (no such person)...I feel like Simon now, he forgets everyone's names.

Sheri said...

Jacque, Adam is soooo going to win!!! And I noticed he looked like Kurt Russell too. Quite a change from the "goth like"Adam. The first time I heard him sing it was just on the ending trailer of the show and the hair on my arms stood up! I must say, I think he's even better than David Cook.

primitivebettys said...

Last week, I wasn't that fond of Adam... but really thought he was CHARMING last night. Danny though... well, I think he stole my heart long ago! ;)



dexmangoldens said...

I like Adam and Allison, then Danny. Did not like the Joss and Smokey duet. Pitch, or tones of voices were weird. Didn't realize Ruben was so tall!! They don't need to show Simon and his antics. I get tired of that really fast. Great show though and can't wait til next week!