Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Glorious Day!!!

I have so much to say (type) and my mind is going about a gazillion miles an hour!!!

Here we go...

I think I posted about this a long time ago. I was given two quilt tops by my (then) MIL. This was back in the mid-70's. Both are very large...a log cabin that is not pretty and this crazy quilt top, which measures ~78" square...

It was made in the 1940's. I've never done anything with it...just dragged it around with me all these years...sometimes it's been packed away, and sometimes it's been sitting around on a bench. Never used it. While at my LQS one day, I asked the owner about who to talk with about my crazy quilt. She offered to call a woman for me. Next thing I knew, I was signed up for a 'learn how to crazy quilt' class.

That class was this morning. So, I hauled my little sewing machine, (the worthless piece of junk) and the crazy quilt to the LQS this a.m. I think the teacher was disappointed in me, as I didn't have a specific crazy quilt project in mind...I just wanted to learn how to do it in case I ever wanted to do it. AND, that I was really only there to find out how to repair and finish my crazy quilt. ohwell.

And, by the way, the crazy quilt teacher thought that the fabrics were much older than when they were used...closer to the turn of the century. WOOHOO! The silk pieces are shredded. Did you know that silk used to be spun with metal in it...cuz it was sold by the pound? Now, there's something that you'll rest better tonight knowing. ~grin~
I think I turned out quite a nice little (8x10) block, don't you? I hated to disappoint her further, so I made a plan to make a pillow with it. Bought some fabric (twigs & berries) and I'm set. Isn't it interesting...I just dug into her big box and these were the colors that I grabbed...they are the ones that grabbed me. My colors. Mary (who works at the LQS) laughed at me, cuz I always whine talk about how I struggle with color. The only thing is...and that's why I chose a green for the border/back of the pillow...that there is only one piece of green in the block. I love green.

I need to do the hand-stitching on the seamlines and, perhaps, some embellishing. Will show you when it's completed.
While selecting my fabric, Mary asked me if I knew about their 'bag' deal. See the bag below? Purchase it for $7.00 (it's big, too...~13x16" and expands 4" or more) and you have a very nice heavy plastic tote with zipper closure for all your stuff. Any stuff. BUT! If you come in to shop on Monday (any Monday) and bring the bag, you'll receive 25% off one item. COOL!!!! Gosh, you'd make up that $7.00 really quickly! So. I bought one. Easy sale. My quiltalong quilt batting will definitely be purchased on a Monday. My Mama didn't raise no dummy!

Stopped at Joann Fabrics to buy some bias tape and brightly colored buttons for the clothes I'll be sewing for Kaylynn. Pillow forms were 40% off! YAY! Got me some perle cotton, too...so I'm all set to finish my crazy quilt block pillow.

AND. A lady at work ran across this puffy (sorry, not sure what the real name is) quilt and thought I might like it. All that needs to be done is to finish sewing the cording/bias fabric around the outside...looks to be about 1/4 done. It currently resides in the trunk of my car, cuz ya just never know where it has been. It may end up in Colorado...the colors are those my sister, Julie, likes.

AND, when I got home I read an email that has me positively jumping with excitement! Cannot share it with you, yet. Sorry.
I mailed out Bren's birthday box, Jo's swap box and Kathleen's pattern.
oh! oh!! oh!!! I used the coolest (okay, the hottest!) iron today!! You leave it laying in a horizontal position (rather than upright, ya know?) and these little things come out to lift it off the ironing board. I don't remember the brand name...but how cool was that!!! You just touch the handle and the little thingies retract. I giggled every time I used it! I own a little $7.00 iron from Wal-Mart. haha!

edited at 10 p.m.to add: found the iron...
Auto-lift Technology
Touch the Iron, and it instantly lowers.
Let go, and it automatically lifts safely above the fabric.
Iron can remain in a safe, stable, horizontal position
on the ironing board at all times.

cool, hey???

There you have it. My Glorious Day!

PS My 2 year blogoversary is in 4 days (see it over on my sidebar)!!! Watch for giveaways! Yes, I said giveaways...as in more than one. Plural. At least two. Maybe more. Probably three. Something for everyone. No, not something for everyone who enters...but something for hookers, and something for quilters, and something for stitchers...like that.


Melanie said...

Beautiful quilt!

Thanks for visiting me today.

why not sew? said...

I think your crazy quilt block looks great. I love green too. All the colors look really good together. I want to make a crazy quilt some day and sew all those really pretty stitches onto it.

WoolenSails said...

What great quilts and projects. I love the piece you made up, nice materials and colors. I have a book on making them, maybe some day;)

I always take advantage of Jo anns sales and coupons, especially batting.