Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crackin' Me Up!!

I was busy in the kitchen
(cleaning up after breakfast & cutting out an apron pattern).
I could hear Kaylynn...
she was talking to the dogs.
I came out to see what they were doing.
The 3 of them were marching up and down the hall.

Kaylynn was chanting:
"Taggie Taggie Taggie
Hush, Arregera
(cuz Allegra barks when Kaylynn moves faster than a walk)
Taggie Taggie Taggie
Taggie Taggie Taggie
Come on Taggie
Arregera, be quiet
Taggie Taggie Taggie"

And variations of that.
Without stopping.
With. Out. Stopping.
Over and Over.
30 minutes.
Not kidding.

As I'm uploading this video,
Tag is stretched out on the floor beside my chair.
He is tired.


dexmangoldens said...

How funny!! I hope you get some work done instead of 'cracking up' all day! LOL

WoolenSails said...

That cracked me up, Tag and his toy, he is such a funny dog and having a blast playing with Kaylynn.


Anonymous said...

This is the stuff that I miss about my granddaughters moving away!!! They could always make me laugh doing the silliest things. Have a wonderful weekend with her and tell her great aunt Joyce said HI!!!!!