Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay, I am no longer on the brink of becoming addicted to cotton fabric/quilting. I have taken that final step that has me plummeting down the slide...

See this fabric?

See the button to the my sidebar...that says something about SEW-ALONG? Click on that if you want the full details...but if you want the quick version, here it is. 6 easy lessons - one per week - on making a quilt from beginning to end. Yup...6 weeks.
Am I crazy? I'm thinkin' that's a big fat YES! But, am I happy? Indeed!!! ~grin~
As for the fabric...I might change out one or two, but this is what I've come up with. Will keep you posted.
Hop on over to Bren's blog...she'll be posting photos of the fabric she's excited about working with. Click here.
I may give this as a gift...but then, again, I may just keep it. Am loving these bright, bright colors...and they are totally outside of my comfort zone.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Beautiful fabrics, Jacque!!!!!!!