Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iced Mocha!

I am loving this fabric collection...I've been thinking of it a bit almost constantly & at odd times of the day. So obsessed with this fabric! Some of you know what I'm talking about. The others of you...well, I guess it doesn't matter, hey?

If you'll recall, I used 2 fabrics from this collection for Kimmer's apron (still needing photos, girlfriend!).

Such gorgeous and soft cottons...had to...and I mean HAD! to figure out something else to make with it. And, I did!

Figure out something else to make with it, that is. Off I went to the LQS and got me some select Iced Mocha. Not all fabrics in the collection. Just 9. ha.

But. I think I need to go back and get at least 2 more of the blues. We shall see.

I don't think I told you...Joyce asked me to make a reversible apron for her DIL. Here is the fabric we decided on.

Just so ya know, this Iced Mocha is the last of my major fabric purchases for a long time. My fabric budget is about gone. But, with all this fabric I've been showing you lately, I'll be busy for a long time! And, most of my gift-giving is taken care of for the rest of the year. woohoo!!!

I finished a project tonight...need to take photos.

For those hookers out there...I have not given up on rughooking! In fact, my big a** star rug is calling my name! LOUDLY!


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful fabrics. I enjoy doing both crafts, I can sew for a bit and hook for a bit, good to give my hands a break from repetitive use.


Joanne said...

So Jacque - "Only 9" - What is there - 10? in the collection!

Beautiful fabrics though - It must be something with the fiber related crafters - the need to "gather" and surround ourselves with it!

Hey this is what I call a "good" addiction!
Can't wait to see what you create next! joanne

moosecraft said...

Ooooooh I really love that iced mocha collection! The brown with the light blue is very soothing! Enjoy stitching with them and please share pics of what you make with them! :-)

Anonymous said...

The iced mocha collection is awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Joyce

Jacque. said...

Joanne...crackin' me up! There are actually 31 fabrics in the collection.

I will be sure to share photos...I'm an exhibitionist, ya know.

dexmangoldens said...

Very cool. Can't wait to see what you make with it! Going to look in Los Alamos or Santa Fe for some stitchery kit. Can't wait to see all of the people/family and have some fun!!