Saturday, May 2, 2009


Y'all know what a giveaway is, right? When someone is giving something away. There are many kind and generous bloggers out here in blogland who give away some fantastic stuff. I love giveaways. I love reading about them. I love reading about why the person is doing one...and why the specific items being given away were chosen.

I have entered giveaways. But, I have never won. That is so sad. For me. Not, of course, for those who win. Perhaps I would win if I entered more of them. The chance of winning would increase if I entered every single giveaway I saw, right? Perhaps, though, my disappointment would be the only thing to increase. I mean, really...some blogs have 836 entrants...what are my chances, then? (yeah, 1 in 836!)

I am actually quite choosy about the giveaways I enter. If I am not able to use what is being given away...or, on the rare occurrence that I don't particularly like what is being given away...or, should this ever happen...if I just won something from this person, I don't enter.

See the 'blogoversary' button in my sidebar? The 2nd anniversary of my blog is coming up. In 28 days, to be exact! Hard to believe that it's been that long already. Even harder to believe is that I have never done a giveaway on my blog. So. I think this event calls for something special. Like a giveaway. What do you think? Perhaps I will plan something really fun...perhaps something for everyone...perhaps something really simple. Perhaps you'll need to submit 500 words on what brings you back to my blog on a regular basis (ya know, like 3 times each and every day). Perhaps you'll need to agree to adopt Tag E. Butt.

Well, perhaps not. Guess you'll just have to wait to see what I come up with.

(Perhaps you could submit the correct count of how many times I used the word 'perhaps'. Or, perhaps not.)


dexmangoldens said...

I'll do the 500 words before adopting another animal, although it would be Tag E. Butt. :)7 perhaps and 1 perhaps not. Plus the 2 perhaps and 1 perhaps not in the parentheses. I'll go visit the blogoversary. When is the Madison Dog show and are you going??

Brenis said...

Muwahahaha!! I know you are gonna make people do all kinds of flips to enter your drawing! LOL... or ... PERHAPS not?
How many more days, Jacqjacq? 321?

Joanne said...

Jacque - me thinks you are one goofy doodlehead today! You are just too funny! I get smiles at your posts and meanderings! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, you should do a give away. Or, Perhaps not. Anyway, I love you, perhaps because you are my sister? LOL
You are funny!
Did you forget that you preordered that CD???
That was too cool that you got it, I may have to just go check it out. No money this week though. Unless I choose to give up ALL food.