Monday, August 24, 2009

Today is a GREAT day!!!

Stopped at my LQS and picked up a flying geese ruler and this book, which I had been waiting for...
Then, came home and saw two boxes sitting on my front stoop. How fun is that to come home to, hey?

First box...
Laurie Simpson, quilter/designer of fabric/sister of Polly Minick (rughooker extraordinaire, etc.) mentioned in a post that she had scraps from making 9 pairs of pajamas from their Jingles flannel collection to give away to someone who made/donated baby quilts. So, I emailed her and guess what???? I got them today! Oh. My. Gosh. The box was full and there are so many pieces that are way more than fat quarters! I'll have lots of fun with these!!!

Here it is, 11 different fabrics all folded & stacked...
It's the perfect time of year to be making flannel quilts for the newborns...cannot wait to get started!! Gotta say, these flannels are delicious!!! Thank you so very much, Laurie!!! You are a very generous person!

Second box...Then! I bought some quilt books that Ginger was offering up for sale (for a ridiculously low price of $3.00 each!). I got a little carried away and bought 16 of them. But, hey...think of the value of these books...they're just like new! I think she has some left...go

And, Ginger, being Ginger, sent along those pieces of fabric...about 2 yards each, I think. ohhhhhboy...someone (or two or three) is going to get a very pretty holiday table runner!!!

Wait. That's not all. She also sent along these 3 books. Just cuz. Holy Schmoly. How generous of Ginger, hey? Thank you so very much!!! I can't wait to sit down and browse through all these books and see all the fabulous quilts I can make! I'm hoping that I live to be about 3,000 years old to do all I want to do! ~grin~

I must say...when I began rughooking and got into the online community of hookers, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful they all were. I am finding the same thing with the quilting community. Online... and off, too!
Thank you to all of you who have inspired, motivated, shared...and supported me. I am blessed, indeed.


WoolenSails said...

Well, you sure got lots of goodies today, and what a nice box of fabrics laurie sent. You can make lots of newborn quilts with that. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl!!!!!