Saturday, August 29, 2009

They Like Them!

YAY!!! Both of my packages were received today...and, apparently, the recipients are happy! I am so relieved! Much as I enjoy what I'm doing with my quilting, I still have that uncertainty about others actually holding my work in their hands. whew.

Okay. I told you I would show you what I made for Erin, my 'we double rock' mini quilt swap. Remember, her mini is the one that got skewed with the quilting. So, I got another charm pack of the Kansas Winter collection and made this pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson called 'Metro Girl'. About 20" square, I think? It was a challenge...a lot of cutting and piecing, but I think I did okay with it. It was definitely fun to see it all come together!
Here's the back...

Here's a closer look at the quilting. Wasn't sure about using black, but I think it looks really good (thanks for the push, Rachel!).

I also sent along this little table mat...about 8" square, I think. huh. I guess I did not take a photo of the finished product. Well, you get the idea. I sandwiched this, and quilted it along each side of the 8 seam lines, and put on the binding. These were left over charms from the same pack I used on her mini quilt.

One more... I sent Erin 'the amazing little gripper template handle' found here. Gotta get me one of those, for sure!

It's always a good day when I can make someone smile...and two in one day...well, I am very, very happy!


moosecraft said...

YAY back atcha! LOL! They are both beautiful! Love the black quilting... I think it brings an added sophistication to the finished piece! The block from the leftovers is sweet too! :-)

jane augenstein said...

WOW!!! Jacque! LOVE it, really love the background, the green. your quilting looks great. Maybe one day I will quilt again but I am back to hooking for now.
We got all our hay in today Yaaahh!!!
Over 100 bales but not sure of the exact count but it's all in the barn!
thank goodness!

Joanne said...

Ah Jacque - how can they not like any of it - You are sumthin! There is a lot of work going into these quilts and you are doing a wonderful job on them all!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work indeed!!!!!!
You are soooooooooo talented!!!


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