Monday, August 3, 2009


I walked into the credit union the other day and that song was playing...ya know...'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin. Made me smile. I don't listen much to classic rock, anymore...mostly listen to my fave Christian music station. It was a nice surprise to hear it. Told the teller I couldn't leave until the song was over...and it's an eight plus minute song! ~grin~

As it happens, there is a fabric collection called Kashmir...can you believe that? Wonder if the designer was inspired by the LZ song? My fave is Kashmir III (I and II are nice, but III is to die for!!!) I totally and absolutely love it! So, hey...if you run across some and want to send it my way, well...I'll gladly accept!

I got a package in the mail today. I was in a 2-person mini quilt swap with Bren...and showed photos of the red/white wonky log cabin mini quilt I made for her here. Well, my mini arrived today. YAY!!

Ya know when you are so surprised at something that your mouth opens and you suck in your breath...gasp? Well, I about choked myself, I sucked in so much air!!! That's when I saw the front of this baby. ohmy. Bren had given me a peek at the quilted back and I was delighted with that. I knew she used Kashmir, but OH. MY. GOSH!!!! I had no idea how she used the Kashmir. This pattern is called stacked coins...or stacked chinese coins...or chinese coins. This mini quilt (measures ~29" square) is sooooo soft feeling and looking and...ohmygosh, I love it to death!!! (Kelley, ya don't need shades for this one!)
Check out the quilting...all swirly swirls!

Bren also sent along a 12" square cutting mat, a 12" wooden ruler, a pair of Fiskars scissors and 4 pieces of fabric...She is so fun!
Thank you so very much, Bren!


WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful quilt and goodies too.
I miss having a regular fabric store, ours had all the fabrics you could think of and I like to use specialty fabrics too.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, you'll soon be able to cover up that awful yellow paint you hate in your dining room, you can do wall to wall quilts!
Sure is a beautiful quilt!

kelley said...'ve hit the jackpot with this swap...I love it!!!

Oh man you two are going gangbusters on making the perfect that it's a nod to your beloved LZ!

ps...are you tired of it yet? would go perfect in my house ; -)

TamboinMO said...

That turned out realy beautiful!

woolwoman said...

the title to your last post caught my eye on someone else's blog - I'm a led head from way back and we still listen to it - we are BIG Robert Plant fans and love all his solo music. What a nice gift for your friend - rock on ! Mel

Terrie Sandelin said...

The swap quilt is wonderful. Chinese Coins is a favorite pattern and the fabrics really are luscious.