Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sofa Cover.

Look at what I made this afternoon!!!
I made a sofa cover!!! And, it kinda matches my living room!
Here's the fun part.
I did not piece this. It came like that.
And, it looks the same on both sides.How cool is that?
I got it at Wal-Mart several years ago for a ridiculously low price...
$1.00 per yard on clearance...bought 20 yards.
I used it to cover the tables of my vendor booth
when I vended (is that a word?) at the
Cream City Rug Hookers Hook-In.

This morning, while moving furniture/rearranging,
I took part of it to cover my old turntable
(that I rarely use but hate to give up).
This remaining piece was about 12 feet long (x 45 inches).
So, I cut it in half, sewed the two halves together
(with a french seam so there are no raw edges),
rolled the edges twice and stitched it.
How easy was that!!!

(Did you notice that I didn't match the blocks when sewing the pieces together?
I actually thought about it, but quickly decided not to bother.
After all, it's for the dogs...and I know they don't care!)

I'll have some fun news for you...
the reason behind rearranging some furniture.
In a few weeks.


WoolenSails said...

Great idea. I miss the walmart fabrics, I used to hit the dollar bin too and still have yardage from it. I got a lot of fabrics to use as backings for quilts, so now I can finally use it.


kks said...

looks great and is perfect for the dogs!