Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still UNpacking...

I've slacked off a bit this week in showing progress of putting my house together. That's really because I haven't done much since the Open House. WHY? Well, first of all, on Sunday, I had an allergic reaction to a drug I was taking...chills/fever/shortness of breath/wheezing...I was NOT feeling well at all. But, I'm back to normal (whatever that is for me, hey?).

I just have a few photos to show...

This is one of my dining room walls. Yup, the color really is that bright mustard. It's what it was when I moved in...hmmmm, may have to change it. At any rate, here is my 'brown dog' grouping...minus the antique dog shown in a photo of my living room. AND, that empty space is for a rug that is coming someday. It's another brown dog mat that was given to me for my birthday, but I have yet to lay my hands on it (my birthday was in February).

Here are photos of the basement where I will set up my rug hooking business. Not sure how long the basement is, but the house is about 1450 square feet, so it's a lot of basement...even just using 1/2 of it! There will be no painting of walls or floor done at this time...maybe next's more important to get everything set up. That huge table came with the house...ha! It's HUGE and way too big to get up the steps! Lucky me! I can always use more table space! I have LOTS of boxes to unpack, wire cubes to put together and wool to fold/organize. YIKES! What a mess it is right now! I'm hoping to work on it a bit this weekend.

AND, here's my messy office...part of it, anyway. As you can see, I have lots of work left to do.


Anonymous said...

Nice basement, you can really have fun setting it all up the way you want to. Happy FRIDAY!!!!!

TamboinMO said...

Can't wait to see the transformation of your space!!! And LOVE your Dancing with the Stars clips!!!


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