Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I sat outside after dark last night and was treated to a light fireflies! It was absolutely gorgeous! Yes, I've seen fireflies before. However, in the city, there either aren't so many...or because of the lack of open space...or simply because of the backdrop, it's just not the same. If I get time tonight, I'll see if my camera has the capability of capturing them on film (ohyeah...I mean to say capture them on my digital camera memory card).

Driving home from work on my newfound route...I go up a very large hill and when I reach the top and start down the other side, all I see ahead is the lake. It's a stunning view! Another great photo opporunity is awaiting me there, methinks.

I was walking around my house yesterday, thinking about what else I need to many boxes to unpack (not many up here, but down in the basement...ohhhhh, I don't even want to think about that!)...and I decided that I absolutely LOVE my living room. I believe it is the room that most shows who I am. It's all about me, with my collections that are there...collies, angels, labs...favorite photos (of the dogs and grandkids) and favorite things abound. Thanks to Kim (again) for helping me.

My next favorite room is my sunroom, though it is far from how I want it to be. TV, my music, my easy COMFORT is all there. That is the room where I spend the most time. It's about 12 x 12 feet, with windows and patio door on three sides and the other side is the entry (probably about 8 feet wide) into the dining room. Though this house is huge, the dogs all lay around my big easy chair and ottoman when I am relaxing there.

OMG, I am in LOVE!!! I normally don't watch much tv...and really not much daytime tv at all. WELL, I turned on the Oprah show the other day and Nate Berkus was on. If you watch Oprah or get her magazine, you are already aware of who he is (and probably all ga-ga over him as am I). Oprah calls him 'cutie pie'...I think he is absolutely adorable! Here's a photo of him...

If I had lots of money to spend, he'd be here personally to decorate my house, that is for dang sure! Okay, enough of that! haha!

Here's Tag...patiently waiting for me to quit typing and play ball with him...

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so nice and peaceful where you are compared to your last location! I went for a walk the other night after 10pm, but alas! the sun was still up so I couldn't see any fireflies, if we even have them up here in Alaska! LOL Glad you are enjoying your new place. Joyce


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