Saturday, September 14, 2013

Best Laid Plans and All of That...

This past week was the one where I was going to start - in earnest - working on making some doll clothes.  Yet, here it is, Saturday evening...and I have not made a single step in that direction.  Well, I guess that is not exactly correct.  I found a lovely pattern that I am excited about using.   I am in the process of tracing the pattern pieces onto pattern paper, and will start cutting and sewing as soon as I finish that process.  

(Pattern paper...the paper that patterns are printed on.  You know, like the patterns you buy at the store...Simplicity, Vogue, McCall's, Butterick, etc.  Only this is white paper and comes on a roll.  I had some years ago when I had another business and also used it when I had my rug hooking hobby/business.  I thought I had some left, but couldn't find it, so bought a roll a month ago.  What's nice about it is this...when a pattern comes in several sizes, I can trace the pieces I want in the size(s) I want and don't have to worry about cutting off a size I may need later.  OR, now that there are so many patterns available by instant download, it's nicer to have the pieces on pattern paper rather than on copy paper.  That's probably more information than you wanted to know, but there it is.)   

I procrastinate.  Big Time!  However, this week was more about laying low because I was bothered with headaches.  Not migraines, thankfully, but bad headaches nonetheless.  Every day this past week.  ugh.  First time since my retirement.  Not sure what is/was going on, but I didn't have one today, so perhaps the cycle is broken.

So, needing to do something, but not wanting to work on something new (ya know, where I'd have to think), I finished putting together some double hourglass blocks.  

I have a total of 76 of these blocks...they are so easy to put together.  The fabric collection is Fig & Plum by Fig Tree & Co. for Moda.  I received the fabric from Cathy a few years ago (you know, that supply of fabric from her that will never run out).  She had started this quilt...and I am finishing it.  It will make a very nice lap quilt for someone.  I just need to decide how to arrange the blocks and I will get the top put together.  But, oh dear, who knows when I will get around to quilting it!!?!!  

And, from the leftover pieces, I cut some 2" blocks.  Here's a sneak peek at the little quilt top I put together.  I think it's going to be the perfect size for someone's doll...
Those 2 quilt tops were easy for me to work in, they required no (well, almost no) thought.  

Besides working on the doll clothes in earnest, I have a list of side projects to complete within the next month:
*1 Kleenex cozy done
*2 Halloween trick or treat bags for five month old babies (one boy and one girl...wait til you see what I am going to do with them!) done
*2 skirt linings
*1 custom carrycot
*strawberries (I just joined a strawberry pincushion swap that Erin started...go here if you'd like to join in)

It's nice to have side projects.  As long as they do not become distractions/diversions.     

And, in addition to all of this sewing stuff going on, I am editing 3 volumes of poems for a friend.   I am almost done and hope to get everything sent off this week.   

I have yet to think about Christmas...and I absolutely refuse to think about it for another month or so.  I may be sorry, but I need to set some priorities.

So.  If all works out, I should have some fun things to show you by next weekend.  

In the meantime, have a great Sunday and a great week!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.". Jeremiah 29:11


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

the blocks look good. glad your headaches eased up.

MONTSE said...

Oh much projects! and much work! you have to be happy working at what you love. The blocks are beautiful. Best regards

Quilting at the cottage said...

The headaches might be from grinding your teeth in your sleep.
I told you that you would wonder when you had time to work when you retired with all the things to do. Looks like you are busy, and still getting used to all the time in the world now.

moosecraft said...

Pattern paper sounds like a handy thing to have around. Thanks for the tip! Headaches? Have you been sniffing that candle too much? ;-) Headaches could also be from lack of water, eye strain or allergies (sinus headaches). Too much air conditioning usually gives me a sinus headache. Anyways, your blocks look wonderful! My advice is to work on what you are enjoying... sometimes putting pressure to do something specific just messes things up... the doll clothes will happen perfect (when it's time).... hugs to you!

kks said...

yikes, hope the headaches STOP! (maybe you are thinking too hard...:)

WoolenSails said...

I hate headaches, that is the one ailment that keeps us from doing things;) Bill got me some packing paper that is light brown and not too heavy, I have been using that to trace large patterns on for appliqués, but I would like to make patterns from old clothes. Is this something in the craft store?


Farm Girl said...

So sorry about your headaches. I was up last night with a killer migraine and still am not feeling normal. A week though I just can't imagine.
I love all of your plans and I like your quilts. When you speak of paper do you mean like the paper I used for making patterns like Stretch and Sew? I really loved that paper for patterns.
Where did you find it?
I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

headaches are the worst!

the quilt blocks look great!