Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tony Baloney

My nephew, Tony, is in the Air Force, and has been in Anchorage, Alaska, for the past 3 years.  Fortunately, my sister, Joyce, lives there so he was able to have someone from his family close by.  Tony married Mercatie in June and now he is being moved to South Carolina.  So.  Long story short, they're driving a U-Haul truck there.  All the way from Alaska.  Yup...a long trip! They spent a few days in Wausau with his Mom & Dad & friends.  Ryan (Tony's best friend since kindergarten) left Wausau with them today to drive to SC.  I'm a few hours south of  Wausau...they would be going toward Chicago down the interstate that is about 6 miles down the road from me.  So, they stopped at the truckstop and I ran (drove) down to visit with them for a short while.  I hadn't seen Tony since he left for Alaska...and hadn't yet met Mercatie, so I was happy to see them.  And, though I have heard about Ryan forever ( friends since kindergarten) I don't think I had ever met him.     

Yeah.  This morning at 5:00 (uh-huh, I get up early even on the weekends), I was thinking about meeting Tony, et al., and thinking that I didn't have anything to give him.  Joyce made him cookies to take along when he left Alaska, his Gram made him cookies, Jill was going to bake for him...but I didn't have stuff to bake with.  Thinking, thinking.  Course, not that Tony was expecting anything from me...just thought it would be nice.  Then, I happened to remember that I had seen a 14" pillow form in the closet yesterday.  A pillow form without a purpose.  I know!  I could make him a small pillow to match the ones I made and gave them for their wedding.  I thought that was a good idea.  Go here  & here to see the ones I made in June.

But.  I thought...with all I have on my list to do, I didn't really need (or want) to add in one more thing. 

About 4 hours later, when I was on the phone with Jill (my sister...Tony's mom), I told her about my early morning thoughts.  She, of course, thought I should do it.  I had plenty of time.  Well, she talked me into it.  An hour later, this is what I had come up with...

Wow...that pillow form is really fat!  {grin}  Tony & Mercatie love the small pillow.

Well, that's all I have for today.  Except to say that Tag has been walking around with his food bowl for the past hour or so.  It is just now time for him to eat.  I should feed him, then.  Poor thing.  ha!

By the way.  I added a few patterns & other stuff to my selling blog...The Chocolate Puppy.

Have a good Sunday evening!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Jacque!
I really enjoyed your story of your nephew, his new wife and friend! And I do think they will or have loved their new pillow. Who can't use loads of pillows! Espcially when traveling. I bet it got used right away. They must also feel the special love you put into it. They sure are troopers to travel such a long distance to move themselves. I thought maybe the AirForce would have moved them. My son is in the army and they move them. Oh well...I'm sure this was very exciting for them! Have a great evening too!

Anonymous said...

Cool pillow!!!!!!! Love the arrangements of the fabrics.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a thoughtful auntie you are, who would not love that colorful pillow! Whipped that up in an hour? I'm impressed! Hope poor Tag got his dinner, a dog can only be so patient!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to make that pillow!!! I love it and it will go with the ones you made for their wedding.
FYI - for Cathy - when the Air Force like the Army moves stuff from here in Alaska it can take a month to get your stuff so they opted to drive and then they get paid for doing that too as well as have all their belongings right away.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joyce for the info on the AF moving. I guess that would be terrible to get to your new home and have to wait for a month to get your stuff!

Farm Girl said...

You are so awesome!! You did all of that?? You are such a giving person.
I am so glad you are my friend.
Have a good week! I hope you get all well.

kks said...

nice pillow....i'm sure it will get a lot of use on their travels too! wonderful that you could all hook up!

moosecraft said...

Wow! Alaska to SC... that's quite a haul! Good thing they have a beautiful pillow to take naps on! :-) Tag is real cute with that bowl!. :-)

WoolenSails said...

Talk about last minute visitors, lol.
I think the pillows were a great idea and they will love them.


Susan said...

That turned out to be just the thing. A pillow always comes in handy and yours it lovely.

Anonymous said...

The pillow looks great and will go great with the other pillows. I bet they loved it!

I know what you mean about the first of Oct. coming and going. I was going to start the 30 Day Shred and here it is the 5th already. I watched the DVD one night, does that count? LOL.