Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something New and Something Else...

First of all, the something else.  I think I mentioned in a different blog post that I had sent the pillow covers I made for my nephew, Tony, to Alaska (where sister Joyce lives and where Tony is stationed) so that Joyce could pick up the pillow forms and give them to him and his fiance as a wedding gift from me.  {geez, take a breath, would you?}

 Well, Joyce got the pillow forms and I wanted to show you how they looked.  I think they look so much different now...as pillows, rather than just flat pieces.  Ya know?!

I see more pillow covers in my future!

(the fabrics used for these pillow covers are taken from the fabrics I talk about below.) 

As for the something new...just cuz I have nothing else to do (but, actually, I needed a purpose for these fabrics!), I joined Amy's (of Amy's Creative Side aka Park City Girl) Simple Sampler Quilt Along! 

This will be a great way to use the fabrics...and belonging to a quilt along will keep me on track.  Oh, the fabrics?  I had originally purchased them to use in my lqs's BOM for this year, but dropped out.  Remember these? I think they will work out just great!  I don't have a photo, but I have a few more pieces that I had gotten online that aren't in this original batch.  So, I think I have the makings of an awesome quilt! 

Have a good night!


moosecraft said...

Hey! All those colors in the fabrics go together perfectly! Going to be a nice quilt! Great pillows too!

Kim said...

Pillows look great. Love the new blog header photo with Tag and his new blankie.

WoolenSails said...

The pillows look wonderful. I started to make some for my couch with applique, but I think quilted patterns would be better and hold up better.


Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh, the pillows really came to life! They are sooo beautiful! In just 1 more week, I'll be there to see them in person!
I hope you pay your photographer well!
Love, Jill

Anonymous said...

These pics don't even give the pillows justice. The fabric is way prettier in person and you did a good job. The pics turned out nice too didn't they? I was surprised!! LOL