Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So. As I had nothing better to do with my time, I joined the Doll Quilt Swap 7. (Yeah, that means they've done 6 swaps before this one. Cool, hey?) The quilts can be anywhere from 12x12 to 24x24 inches...or some variant in between. It's a secret swap, so I know who I am sending to. BUT, I have no idea who is sending to me. It's interesting...and fun. Looking at what everyone is doing and wondering if 'that one' could be for me???? I've finished one possible quilt top. I know from what my swap partner said/wrote, that this will be well received. However, I have another idea that is busting to get out of my head and onto fabric! Will be totally different from anything I have done to date. Not difficult...least I don't think it will be. We shall see. Here is the first possibility. I think it measures about 22x24 inches. Churn dashes, zigzags and friendship stars...none of which I've made before. I think I did an okay job. Now to decide on how to quilt it...and with what color thread! Any thoughts?


WoolenSails said...

I like it, great idea for a mini quilt.
I read that when planning your quilting, look to the designs for inspiration and use those.


kks said...

very fun!

JoJo said...

Jacque, this one is super neat!!! Love the pattern. I guess you could use white thread (very safe) or you could match any of the colors you've used here, if you want to be brave.
I can hardly wait to see more of your lovely crinkles.

Anonymous said...

I, not the quilter, but you know I have an obsession with quilts...how about quilting one direction with red and the other with aqua? Would make it really fun!

Brenis said...

This turned out A D O R A B L E ! !
I vote for white thread, keep it crisp and clean!! With some funky free motion quilting... now that you CAN!!!! :D

why not sew? said...

I love it. I usually like neutral colors for quilting. It's going to be very pretty.