Monday, July 13, 2009

Home, Sweet Home.

As happy as I was to be in Eau Claire with me Mum during Ray's surgery...I am really happy to be home. The pups are happy, too! Course, Allegra had to tell me all about her ordeal of being kenneled for 3 days...poor thing. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark...the entire time from when she saw me until we got into the house. whew...she had a lot to say!

First things first. Ray is doing very well. Was in CCU after surgery...they had him up and sitting in a chair 2 times already on Saturday. Respiratory Therapist comes in every 2 hours for 15 minutes. He was moved out of CCU to a regular room late yesterday. All are pleased with how well he is doing. Praise God. And, thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers.

I left early this sister, Jill, will be over there tomorrow into Wednesday. Not sure when Ray will come home, but sometime late this week. No lifting of any kind, but small chores are okay. For 4 weeks. We'll see how he does with that. Rest, rest, and more rest.

I was able to spend a lot of time with my BFF Janer, too, which is always good. Did not take any photos (except of the Janome) while there, though.

ohyeah. The Janome. Oh. My. Gosh. It is simply amazing...the difference between my Janome and my old Babylock. Now, the Babylock was not the cheapest one available at the time I bought it about 10 years ago (I think), but I was becoming increasingly annoyed with it. Next to the Janome? It is nothing...absolutely does not even compare. Not. Even. Ya know?

I am so very fortunate to have the friends I have. I think I complained long enough and loud enough to everyone how unhappy I was with my Babylock...couldn't do all that I wanted to do with it...skipped stitches, tension problems, couldn't do stippling...etc., etc.. One of my good friends offered a short-term I started looking for a new machine. Online, shops in the one had what I wanted for a price I could afford. So, next best thing...a used machine in really good shape. Well, Brenis found this Janome 6260 QC on craigslist (read all about it HERE)...and it was up by Eau Claire. And, I was going to Eau Claire! Carol is her name...she upgraded to a Janome 6500P, so was looking for a good home for her first Janome. We ironed out all the details...she came to me Mum's house on Saturday and spent over an hour with me. Demonstrating, know. I very happily handed over some money and the Janome became mine!!

Here's Carol...
I played with my new Janome a bit, but then had other things to do. But, yesterday, I had a few hours to try everything out. It comes with a gazillion feet, has many wonderful features and the stitch quality is awesome! Sews through several layers of fabric and doesn't skip a beat. The fancy stitches are exciting...cannot wait to use them! Walking foot, darning foot for free-motion quilting, 1/4 inch foot (now all my quilting seams will be perfect!), etc., etc.. Simply put, I adore it.

Janer and I went to The Calico Shoppe and I walked out with this 'just dreamy' collection of fat quarters. Am thinking to join in on the zigzag quiltalong...the one that is following the Old Red Barn Co. Quiltalong.Also, I picked up another Kansas Winter charm pack. That's the fabric I used on the quilt I screwed up with the quilting. I love that fabric.

For the rest of today, I'm just gonna hang with the pups, get unpacked, do a bit of laundry...just get everything in order. AND, play with my Janome!

Again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you all updated on Ray's progress.


WoolenSails said...

Looks like a great machine. It is amazing the things machines can do now. I expect lots of new quilts and projects, now;)


moosecraft said...

Great news on Ray! Very important that he follows his breathing exercises when he gets home too, K?

Sooooooooo happy about your Janome acquisition! Bren is a bestest buddy indeed to send you off in the right (trusted) direction! Many happy hours of stitching to you Jacque! All of your quilting enthusiasm has really put me over the edge to get quilting too! I followed with the first quilt along... but might be too chicken to try the zig-zag! LOL! I just love those Kansas winter fabrics... oooooooh, ahhhhhhhh... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice machine there! I thought you just got one though that someone gave you? Maybe I am thinking about something else. Joyce