Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's How It Is...

I called work (yesterday) as soon as I found out that Ray's surgery was rescheduled. Instead of today and tomorrow, could I have off Monday and Tuesday? Well, since someone was already scheduled to take my place these 2 days, the answer was no. Bummer. I actually could have gone in and worked on other things that I am seriously behind on. ohwell. So. I'm not excited about having 2 days off that I don't need to take off...BUT! I decided that I had best be productive. I cut strips out of the Iced Mocha...was thinking of doing another strip quilt, but then decided that these fabrics would be better showcased with another pattern. So, that's what I'll be working on.

I made my June BOM block...not really liking those fabrics. No doubt, this will NOT be one of the 9 I use of the 12 we're making. May not even end up in a pillow. And, I see that I didn't do such a great job matching seams on one row. I'll probably redo it.

Just so you all know I'm NOT perfect, I'm gonna show you a big mistake. big. HUGE! (remember Julia Roberts in 'pretty woman'???) I knew better...but...hmmmm...still went ahead doing what I was going to do.

Remember the swap goodies I showed you from Erin? Well, I had made my mini quilt to swap with her...Kansas Winter charm pack...gorgeous fabrics. As I may have mentioned before, my machine is giving me fits, so I am not able to do free-motion quilting...I'm stuck doing wavy lines or straight lines with my walking foot. I decided that a rectangular spiral would be really cool. Okay. Stick with me here...don't fall off your chair laughing...or hit yourself upside the head with a 'duh' so hard that you hurt yourself. Obviously, starting on the inside is the best way, so that any excess fabric would move to the outside. Right? Well. I wasn't sure I could do it and come out with all sides of the rectangle spiral on the edges of the mini. Ya know...figured I'd end up with 2 inches of empty space on the end of the mini. So. I started on the outside. It was going very well, mind you, until the last 4 times around. Well, here...take a look. See how the center is skewed? I didn't notice until I was done...thought about taking alllll the quilting out, but just couldn't make myself. So. I finished it. I love it. Skewed center and all! But, I don't feel that I can send it to my swap partner, so I am in the process of making a different mini for her.

I love this charm pack, kinda prim/rustic looking. (yoohoo...kelley!)
Look at this back...are you able to see that the quilting is done in a rectangle? I love how it looks. Best get moving on that Iced Mocha fabric. I'm hoping to get the quilt top done today.

Have a good day!


why not sew? said...

i think it looks wonderful, jacque! i love that fabric. and the quilting is great! but whatever you decide i will be happy with :)!

JoJo said...

Okay, Jacque, so it's not perfect. I personally love it and think it just adds to the charm. As for sewing, well, I got my mending done the other evening so now, my machine is put away until the next time a seam rips or some hemming needs doing.

I do so like what you're doing with your quilting. It's something I would never do but I can appreciate art when I see it.

kks said...

love i do all your things!
have a safe trip...did you get m/t off?!

dexmangoldens said...

When something is not perfect, you still do a much more better job than me!!
Manley would like to know if he needs to send you more $$$$. And what progress have you made?